Our Style Story

Our Style Story comes to you from the land of hockey, freezing cold winters and beavers.
Oh wait, those are stories from people who are known to go on a polar bear dip and curb their sweet tooth with a beavertail (yes, it is a thing).
We on the other hand, love danty dresses, red lipstick and experiences that go down in the books as the best day ever… everyday.
We are on a mission to provide you with all things fashion, lifestyle, and worldly adventures.
We’ll throw on our parka to capture Canadian fashion at its finest hour, and feed off of experiences we have traveling the globe.

Our Mission

Curating a style destination that inspires Canadian millennials to dress. to dream. to dare.

We Are

We are anything but ordinary.
We eat takeout off china.
We reserve sequins for any and all occasions.
We are quirky.
We have a way with words, red lipstick and making an entrance.
We sparkle, always.
Our style is so much more than the clothes we wear.
We have always wanted to go, everywhere.