#BeautyFind: Auraïha Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle

Last February, we started a brand new series on STYLE Canada#BeautyFind Friday, otherwise known as your new #BFF. Every other Friday, STYLE editor Anastasia Barbuzzi will present you with a #BeautyFind to help you enjoy a weekend of self-love and care like no other. She’s all over the green beauty scene and on #BeautyFind Fridays, she’ll be giving you the inside scoop on products and brands that are changing the space, and one’s you’ve just gotta try. Full permission to begin daydreaming about your next *Add to Cart* item.

At this point in the pandemic, people either want nothing to do with the 10-step, K-beauty inspired routines of yesteryear, or they want layering on product to be the most efficient and effective process possible.

Now that an increasing amount of brands are creating products that address a number of different skincare concerns for less, skinimalism has touched the routines of many – intentionally or not.

That said, the execution of a true multi-purpose product is harder to come by; one that treats, nourishes and applies the way it was intended to. Impressively, Rachaelle Rempe of Auraïha Beauty managed to create a skin care duo that delivers on her first try. 

For just $39.99, the Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle provides you with a five minute routine made clean. When I’m rushing, travelling, or working from home and couldn’t be bothered to complete a full 10 steps, it truly sets the tone (and my face) for the day.

Scroll to read my honest review of the Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle by Auraïha.

First impressions: Dressed in cheery blue and green hues, the Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle spells “good morning“. Coincidentally, the minty green and sky blue packaging represents something else about Auraïha as a brand too. Eco-friendliness lies at the heart of the its packaging design, and all materials used are recyclable, reusable, or zero waste. The company is also committed to a sophisticated de-inking process for corrugated surfaces.

In addition, all Auraïha labeling ink is non-toxic and water-based, and adhesives such as tape are biodegradable. The product boxes are clean, simple, and full of good vibes. They don’t distract from what’s inside either.

The specifics: Knowing that purchasing multiple products to test is not typically in people’s budgets, Rempe decided it was imperative to the “skin first” movement to create a brand that was affordable, clean and sustainable. Between her work in cities such as San Francisco, Manhattan, and Calgary, she also understood how easily the skin absorbs pollutants and bacteria. Having suffered from acne for over a decade, venturing into a clean, plant-based diet and skin care routine made a significant difference in her complexion.

With the help of chemists who have over 20 years of experience in the clean beauty industry, Rempe formulated the Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle, which can be used morning and night, over and under makeup to give your skin the glass-like finish you’ve always dreamed of.

The Glass Face Brightening Serum contains a unique mixture of squalane, AHA fruit acids, aloe, green tea and cucumber to intensely moisturize sensitive and blemish-prone skin. When applied over the face, neck and chest, it gently exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin to reveal a smooth, hydrated and gleaming complexion. 

To quench your skin’s thirst first thing in the morning or throughout a hot, sticky day, a spritz or two of the Naturally Luminous Mist addresses short and long-term hydration woes. This fortifying blend of papaya, witch hazel and betaine, (a naturally occurring compound in the skin and body that helps it adapt to moisture losses and gains), locks in moisture and enhances your natural glow. 

Basically, you can use the Naturally Luminous Mist and Set Spray whenever you need a calming refresher that’s also scentless and non-irritative.

The experience: As someone with a normal to dry skin type, I found both products in the Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle to be quite replenishing. Rempe and her team focused on the concentration level of AHA’s to ensure the Glass Face Brightening Serum wouldn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, which I can appreciate while experiencing wacky weather transitions here in Ontario that pose an extra threat to skin hydration levels.

I particularly enjoy the fine, even mist that the Naturally Luminous Spray covers my face with. I also love that it’s unscented (on the off-chance I’m wearing makeup, I don’t want to smell like a cupcake). It soaks into the skin nicely, dries completely matte, and it comes in a value size bottle for mist junkies (like me). 

When using the Glass Face Brightening Serum, I catch a faint smell of cucumber, but nothing strong enough to flare someone else’s nostrils. A tiny bit of the milky, jelly formula goes a long way, as it breaks into a super light, watery texture across the skin when you massage it in. I’m a fan of the immediate brightening effect it has (thanks to those fruit acids!) and the dewiness it leaves behind (without a trace of grease). The Glass Face Brightening Serum makes a slightly grippy makeup primer as well. 

The verdict: It was Rempe who informed me that Auraïha is a play on the word aurora, which means morning or dawn. After testing the Glass Face & Naturally Luminous Bundle, I can attest to the fact that it rebalances the skin after a long night’s slumber or a sweaty workout (which I normally start my day with too).

I found that pairing the Naturally Luminous Mist and Set Spray and Glass Face Brightening Serum together provided the hydration and light exfoliation that supports bright, radiant skin all day long. Remember: Skin first, then makeup. Would recommend.

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