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Best Daisy Nails Design Ideas for Your Next Manicure

Daisy nails are the best accent to any manicure – they’re simple, classic, and versatile. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your look or want to channel your inner flower child, these nails are the perfect option. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best daisy nail designs that will suit any occasion. From delicate, dainty flowers to bright and cheerful prints, there’s a design for everyone! So get ready to enjoy your next manicure – Daisy nails are coming your way!

best daisy nail trends for your manicure

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What are Daisy Nail Designs?

Daisy nail designs are a popular style in the beauty world that is growing in popularity every day. Daisy nail designs involve painting your nails white and then adding colorful dots or stripes to them. This creates an interesting and unique look that is sure to turn heads when you walk out the door!

Types of Daisy Nails

There are a number of different ways to do daisy nails, so there’s bound to be something that suits your personality perfectly. You can go simple with just one color or mix it up by using multiple colors together.

There are also many variations on the daisy nails design. There’s likely a daisy manicure out there for you. Below are some methods used for creating daisy nails:


The Daisy Flower Manicure

best daisy nail trends

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The daisy flower is another cute approach to daisy nails. Start with a pale base coat, and using the pointed end of your dotting tool – or a toothpick – create a small dot dead center of your nails; and keep doing this to create between 6 and 8 dots per nail, then you can start creating smaller dots between those.

For empty spaces, fill with more dots, and finish with white polish to create volume.

The Daisy Stud Manicure

With a dotting tool, simply apply a single dot to the top of your nail, use tweezers to place the rectangle stud, and repeat as needed to get the daisy manicure you’re going for!

The Daisy Pinwheel Manicure

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This one only requires a base color, a contrasting color, and two shades for daisy nail art.

The Daisy Scribbles Manicure

This daisy nail design uses a combination of scribbles and daisy motifs to create a detailed look with dimensions.

The Daisy Shadows Manicure

This method uses a dotting tool to create the flower stem, then additional details are brushed in, and petals are painted. The same method can be used for creating various floral nail art.

The Daisy Stripes Manicure

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For an elegant yet simple look, the daisy stripe nail design is a must. It can really contrast with a dapper daisy mani too!

The Daisy Swirls Manicure

Another fun way to spice up a dapper daisy mani is the daisy swirls design. It takes two colors of polish, a small brush, and a little patience. Half of the nail is painted one color. Add a couple daisy patterns with the second color. When done, take the brush and swirl them together for unique and fun effects.

The Daisy Watercolors Manicure

A popular trend recently, there are many methods to creating the daisy watercolor mani. The easiest approach is a daisy stencil and a makeup sponge. You can dab various dark shades using the sponge for different styles and textures too.

The Colorful Daisy Stems Manicure

Colorful Daisy Stem designs are great for a more feminine style. To get this look, start with a light pink, white or preferred light color base. Create stems using three colors – blue, yellow, and green. After drying, add your details using stripes or zig-zag patterns.

The Daisy Tapered Tips

If you want a new twist on your nail art ideas, give the Daisy Tapered Tips a go. You simply make two daisy shapes and a tapered tip. Allow it to dry, and finish with a top coat for a good seal and shine.

Daisy Nails Ideas

After searching through dozens, if not hundreds, of images on Instagram and Pinterest, below are some of the cutest daisy nails we came across. Enjoy!

Pink Daisy Nails

For that feminine, soft look, try a pretty white daisy on a light or dark pink base.

Nude Daisy Nails

best daisy nail trends nude

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A little daisy nail art on a nude base, yes, please! If you haven’t already, check out our nude nail designs, which you’ll love!

Purple Daisy Nails

The white daisy on a purple base really makes them pop.

Midnight Blue Daisy Nails

Looking for a darker shade? Try a midnight blue shade to go with a darker outfit, or just try something different.

Baby Blue Daisy Nail Design

This can be a fun springtime palette, white and yellow on a light blue base, which kind of screams Easter!

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