Carrine Chambers-Saini, Founder And CEO Of DivaCup Talks About Period Poverty

“Period poverty is a subset of poverty, and if people are in poverty they are not buying period products – therefore they are not being able to menstruate with dignity,” Carrine Chambers-Saini told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Carrine is the founder and CEO of DivaCup, a company that has introduced menstrual cups into mainstream marketing. DivaCup has sold over 6.5 million products in over 40 countries. Carrine founded DivaCup alongside her mom, who has a passion for women’s health.

Carrine shares her goals behind discussing period poverty and how we can further educate ourselves on the topic. Contrary to popular beliefs, period poverty does not only affect those in developing countries. Carrine hopes to start various discussions surrounding periods and period poverty through her work.

Carrine Chambers-Saini

Carrine’s goal is to bring awareness to period poverty and its complexity in our society. She refers to her film, “Pandora’s Box” where she breaks down the stigma behind periods in hopes that women all over the world can, “menstruate with dignity.”

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