Cat + Nat’s Reunion Tour: The Perfect Gift for Mom this Mother’s Day

Cat + Nat are famously bringning together like-minded moms around the world to re-write the paradigm of ‘the perfect mom’ with their real life #MOMTRUTHS and sharing everything moms think about but are too afraid to talk about. Their mission; to bring laughter and a sense of community to women and moms around the globe.

Last season, on Let’s Talk About, Elise had the pleasure of chatting with the duo (a.k.a Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer), and it was an interview filled with laughs and greatest #MOMTRUTH moments. And because we love everything these Toronto-based friends are doing, we’re inviting you to join us…and meet them! on June 11th for the ideal girls day.

Shop with us and our partners, Anchor Niagara, at “The Studio”, where we’re bringing together a compilation of our favorite Canadian vendors. Then, grab a glass of wine, as we’ve lined up not 1 but 2 shows with Cat + Nat in support of Pink Pearl Canada at The Niagara Falls Convention Centre.

This is not just the girls’ night you’ve needed since 2019… This is the most hilarious and highly entertaining comedy show that any woman or mom will ever experience in their lifetime, hosted by the two most honest, unfiltered, pee-your-pants funny moms on the planet.

This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, mom friends, and anyone who needs a good laugh.

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