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Last month, STYLE Canada checked-into The Lakeside Motel for the ultimate staycation. Read on for all the details below.

Image Courtesy of The Lakeside Motel

The Vibe: This property was MY vibe. So much so that as I sit here writing this I am dreaming of the serene lake views and cozy fireplace in the Wharf House we stayed in. It was everything you could want for a winter weekend away. That said, you could feel the summer vibes coming through. With its well positioned pool, outdoor bar and food trucks, it’s clear The Lakeside Motel comes ALIVE in the summer. Needless to say this is the ideal “any season” staycation. Owner Renda Abdo made sure of it.

With welcomed surprises at every turn, Renda and her team clearly focused on the details. Whether it was the outdoor firepits, saunas, lakeside swing or in-room accessories, each space is curated to perfection.

Renda spent about four years growing up in the area and her parents have been residents of the County for over 40 years. The care she has put into renovating this space is obvious. With a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the setting and enhancing it whether than fighting it.

Image Courtesy of The Lakeside Motel

The Neighbourhood: The Lakeside Motel is in the heart downtown Wellington, but honestly you might not need to leave the property itself. Assuming you do want to head offsite, it is steps away from foodie spots such as La Condesa, Midtown Brewery (get the pizza), the Drake Devonshire and Koenji Whisky Bar. You also have the convenience of coffee shops and Foodland along with some cute local boutiques (we loved Oak Clothing) all down the street.

Image Courtesy of The Lakeside Motel

The Room:

The team gave us a full tour of the property and you cannot go wrong with what room you select for your visit. That said, two of our favourites included: The Ten and The Wharf House. We were fortunate enough to stay in The Wharf House and whether you are a party of two or a party of six, this is the perfect layout for you and your guests. The modern, warm and contemporary elements created a clean but cozy ambience. Whether you wanted to lay by the multiple fireplaces, play a game of foosball or sit outside and do some grilling there are quiet corners and social spaces for all. One of the most unexpected features was the full bar in the main bedroom. The perfect spot to make a cocktail then head out on your private balcony to watch the sunset.

Image Courtesy of The Lakeside Motel

The Extras:

If we didn’t already convince you that you don’t need to leave this property, wait until you hear about all the amenities (besides the pool, saunas, firepits, outdoor patio and bar, food trucks in the summer… etc.)

One of my favourite extras on the property was The Shoppe! A glass enclosure that served as an area to check in as well as a place of discovery. It offered some of our tried and true favourite brands alongside new local ones were all available for purchase. Look out for more collaborations from the team here.

Need a relaxing spa day, they have you covered with the Beauty Buggy. Want to learn more about local wines, they will hook you up with Sommelier Jay Whiteley. The team here is also ready to make your stay a special one. They encourage you to call ahead to see what is going on and want to make your stay tailored to you.

Image Courtesy of The Lakeside Motel

The Verdict: We will be back! No matter the season, it is clear that The Lakeside Motel delivers. For a staycation that allows you to unwind and explore its the right fit!

Image Courtesy of The Lakeside Motel

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