Cool Clean and Refreshing Face Masks for Fall - STYLE Canada
Cool Clean and Refreshing Face Masks for Fall - YLLO


With the summer sun fading away, we thought what better way to begin a new season then to deeply nourish your skin. Here are a few face masks we love that are consciously made, have unique natural ingredients and will provide you with a lovely fall glow. We’ve also included a simple clay mask you can create on your own that will seriously have you double thinking your beauty regime.

  1. YLLO Turmeric Scrub | $24.95

Made from turmeric and chickpeas (among other natural ingredients) YLLO has crafted face masks that leaves your skin feeling so soft you’ll want to have a yellow face everyday.

Why we love it: It’s simple to use and made from things in your pantry – it’s the cleanest scrub around, what more can you love!

FYI: The scrub will turn your face yellow for the duration your leave it on your face, don’t worry it won’t turn your face yellow forever!

Cool Clean and Refreshing Face Masks for Fall - YLLO


  1. Graydon’s Superfood Mask & Scrub | $39.00

Superfoods for your face, need we say more! With 15 superfoods (shitake mushrooms, chai seeds, papaya and more!) jam-packed into one capsule this tiny mask packs a big punch as it acts as a great exfoliant and renews your skin.

Why we love it: Perfect for traveling as they’re in a vegetable capsule to hold in all their superfood goodness.

Cool Clean and Refreshing Face Masks for Fall - Petal & Post


  1. Brown & Coconut’s Hibiscus Cleansing Grains | $16.00

Because who doesn’t love flowers on their face! The hibiscus flower powder is a natural antioxidant which firms and gently exfoliates your skin.

Why we love it: Great for all skin types, need we say more!

Cool Clean and Refreshing Face Masks for Fall - Brown & Coconut


  1. DIY: Bentonite Clay Mask

Bentonite is volcanic ash deposited in seawater over 60 million years ago. It removes toxins from your body, unclogs pores, makes your skin super soft and gives you the sweetest glow.

Why we love it: If you’re on a beauty budget, this is a great face mask for you, all you need is the clay and H20.

DIY Bentonite Clay Face Masks:

1 Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay (We love Saffire Blue’s)

1 Tablespoon of H20

  • Mix water and clay in a small bowl, creating a paste consistency
  • Apply mixture to your face and leave on for 15-minutes
  • Wash off with warm water, and watch your skin radiantly glow

FYI: Try a test area before using on your face, if a rash occurs, bentonite clay may not be for you.

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Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino
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Melaina is the founder of SALT to TREE,  a conservation and wellness company that flows with the sea SALT and whistling TREEs. She hosts wellness gatherings, outdoor yoga classes & creates wellness Collections and Conservation initiatives. 

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