The Evolution of The At-Home Workout

Most women workout solo, at a gym, and without a personal trainer. To be honest, that used to be me before I started my fitness journey. I began searching for alternative ways of becoming fit and incorporating fitness into my everyday routine.
I started my search on YouTube. I realized there are so many free available resources online. I was amazed to find that most, if not all of these workouts can be done in the home. That is when I found my love for HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts paired with various types of yoga.

After some trial and error, I realized that what actually works best for me is a strict workout plan that gradually increases in difficulty each week – this is what the bikini body guide (#bbg) offers. I also realized it’s much easier to workout at home (not to mention the monthly gym membership expense that this saves). This way, I am able to plan out my week in advance around work and can quickly workout at my leisure in my own home. I created a dedicated work out room in my home to help with this.

Although the bikini body guide program has guidelines, it is still adaptable to fit your own personal needs. For example, on the “off” days of the workout, you have the autonomy to choose a 35-45 minute low intensity workout. I usually choose to bike, swim, hike, or power walk on these days; sometimes I’ll mix in some Vinyasa yoga too for a good stretch and rehabilitation. I really believe in giving yourself the flexibility to choose what types of exercises work best for you. If you don’t like to run, don’t run. If you don’t like to skip, avoid skipping. Focus on the exercises that don’t seem like a chore and that you enjoy performing – this will keep you on track.

Contributor: Lauren Wardrope
Photo: Unsplash

Lauren, a 22-year old Canadian, has had a passion for fitness ever since she can remember. From basketball, tennis, golf, and everything in between, she was apart of it. During university, she played on the Western University women’s varsity golf team. She believes that working out isn’t purely physical; it should also consider the mind and spirit. She is on a quest of obtaining a holistic and healthy lifestyle by working from the inside, out.

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