Our #FallFaves: STYLE Editor Picks

Fall 2020 forced everyone to spend a lot more time indoors and behind computer screens than bargained for, but it also allowed the STYLE Canada team time to get cozy while working from home with these # FallFaves.

Comfort was (and still is) key to a successful #WFH situation, so STYLE’s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, and Digital Editor Anastasia Barbuzzi‘s #FallFaves were key to clearing hiccups in their workflows and their off-time.

If the transition into winter has you bogged down in the least bit, we recommend you check out their #EditorPicks below.

NAUSENI Wool Felt Slippers

“With the temperature dropping, a set of cozy slippers were on my list to purchase. I came across the brand NAUSENI and loved the modern, minimalist look. They are the perfect blend of comfort and structure. I also loved the socially conscious story behind the company which was created to help employ women in Nepal.” – Elise Gasbarrino, Editor-in-Chief

NAUSENI Original Collection: Himalayan Grey Slippers

NAUSENI Original Collection: Himalayan Grey Slippers


TIJN Eyewear

@july.rom via Instagram

“I recently saw a picture of one of my favourite Canadian food bloggers, @thefirstmess, with a pair of TIJN‘s blue light glasses on. I’ve been considering a pair because of how much time I spend writing and emailing on my computer everyday, and I love that this company has eco-friendly options. I dig their unique frames too, from this cream blue design to this tortoise shell set. Now I just have to settle on a pair…” – Anastasia Barbuzzi, Digital Editor

TIJN Danica Blue Light Filter Glasses in Amber

TIJN Danica Blue Light Filter Glasses in Amber



@adoreyes_beauty via Instagram

“I thought I would use the extra time at home without makeup to be ‘productive’ about my lashes. I have always had sad-looking eyelashes and figured now was the perfect time to try some of the serums I heard about. I went with ADOREYES because their products are all-natural and made in Canada. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee and proven results. I’ve been using their product for lashes and brows for about a week and have already noticed a marked difference!” – Elise Gasbarrino, Editor-in-Chief 

ADOREYES Plus Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum with Triple Peptide Complex (6ml)

ADOREYES Plus Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum with Triple Peptide Complex (6ml)


Pocket Squares Paper


@pocketsquares via Instagram

“I’m obsessed with stationery – always have been – so I was delighted to discover this eco-friendly collection of paper wares after moving back to Windsor from Toronto last year. I actually bought Alex Gayowsky‘s “We’ll always have Windsor” pizza card for my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago when work had us both down for the count (and the message is true – our pies still rule them all). Her designs are whimsical and her blank cards always leave room for me to convey my messages perfectly. I’ll be stuffing everyone’s stocking with a Tiny Monogrammed Journal this year too, because… how could you resist?” – Anastasia Barbuzzi, Digital Editor


Pocket Squares Holiday Greeting Cards

SHOP IT: Pocket Squares, $5

STYLE Canada Team Pick: Blume Pure Ceremonial Matcha


Blume Pure Ceremonial Matcha

These days, we’re in need of a major vitality boost but we also don’t look forward to anything more than zening the f*ck out. Our recent interview with #LeadingLady Karen Danudjaja, founder of superfood-driven wellness company Blume, turned us on to matcha (once again) and now there’s no looking back. Her brand new, limited edition Pure Ceremonial Matcha is shade-grown and stone-ground from Shizuoka, Japan. It’s filled with antioxidants, chlorophyll, amino acids, and is an excellent source of clean, calm energy – a.k.a: the vibes we crave. Its creamy, nutty flavour is something we’ll be adding to our holiday baked goods for an extra festive treat.

Read our interview with Karen here.

Blume Pure Ceremonial Matcha

SHOP IT: Blume, $36

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