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Jacket of Hope


Just in time for International Women’s Day, Toronto-based TH Fashion has launched the Jacket of Hope from their 2021 capsule collection.

Armoured to keep you guarded through COVID-19 and beyond, the Jacket of Hope comes equipped with a detachable face mask and emergency gloves built into the sleeves.

Made from an innovative Spanflex line of recycled luxury performance fabrics with UPF protection, it was designed to make you feel safe, powerful and confident.

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from each Jacket of Hope sale will be donated to charitable initiatives. With a retail price of $398, you have the option of adding a $50 charity donation to the New Start Foundation for youth mental health and addiction services.
According to TH Fashion, donating to the New Start Foundation can help bring attention to how the pandemic has affected us as a society, not just physically but also mentally.
Jacket of Hope

A close-up of the dramatic sleeves on the Jacket of Hope

Designed and operated by an all-female team, Taylor Hannah Fashion was created by Dee Dee Taylor Eustace of Taylor Hannah Architect Inc. – a Toronto-based architecture development and design firm.
Taylor Hannah Architect has partnered with clients to create some of North America’s most distinctive properties by expressing each space’s character through extraordinary design and architecture. The brand’s design team has led successful projects worldwide through expert craftsmanship and elegant styling.
And now, they take one more step into the world of fashion with the Jacket of Hope; this time, with a cause.
A limited run of 500 Jackets will be released and are ready to ship today, March 8, 2021. To reserve yours, email Martyne Alphonso at [email protected].

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