Halifax: Best Style Watching on The East Coast

Halifax is the biggest city east of Montreal. It is often called a little city or big town, and embodies the style aesthetic all of the Atlantic Provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador) in one hub of major activity.

People in Halifax are talented musicians and Artists, entrepreneurs, passionate activists, and the people generally have a laid back vibe. Halifax is a balancing act of large numbers of students: Halifax has 6 Universities (Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, Mount Saint Vincent’s, King’s College, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design & Atlantic School of Theology) and a strong local vibe that is very much it’s own and very invested in supporting local.

There is so much going on in Halifax due to high numbers of “come from aways” (as we call people from other parts Canada or the rest of the world that have come to Halifax) to live, for work, for school, for the quality of life, to live on the ocean…there are a lot of reasons we have so many tourists and “come from aways” that end up actually staying and becoming a “Haligonian” as someone who lives in Halifax is called, proudly.

There are definite areas of style distinct to Halifax and areas you are most likely to see the unique Halifax style.

Point Pleasant Park

I realized how different Halifax was when I first moved from Toronto 10 Years ago. It is an all day, everyday occurrence to see hundreds of people jogging, in groups, with their dogs, with their children or alone to Point Pleasant Park. Point pleasant park, is located in the southern tip of downtown and is a people watching destination. It is huge (190 acres), completely surrounded by the ocean, forest, has miles and hours of  walking, running or biking trails, hosts festivals and has a residing Theatre Company called Shakespeare By The Sea (that puts shows on many nights of the week in the summer), bringing in hundreds more people each night.

This is where you see the fully stylish male and female Athleisure trend, Lululemon, Lole, Aritzia, Stella McCartney and the very best of the it shoe of the moment; blush and nude sneakers, white adidas, yeezys etc. The outfit perfectly picked to run in, that just happens to also be of the moment and looks to be thrown together for the jog. Many people that come to the park that are not there for athletics can be found in anything from the Midi or Tulle Skirt with Tee Shirt or Sweater trend  to the destroyed, ripped and repatched pocket jeans that have just made their debut, and all of the gorgeous bomber, leather biker and trench coats all matched together perfectly with knee high and/or velvet boots.

The Small Craft Brewery & Beer Markets

Halifax has a major crush on local, small and craft beers and therefore a major increase in the number of beer bars and brewpubs has spawned recently . Most of these are where the stylish Haligonians are most often seen. The beer bars that are uber trendy in the city right now are inviting, relaxed, with distinguished chefs, creating features of fresh and delicious food that pairs with your brew of choice.  An example to see Halifax’s stylish in action, would be at these top beer/microbrew bars, one such example is Stillwell Beer Bar. It has quickly become the IT bar in Halifax. Known for it’s great vibe, awesome & diverse selection of local beers, it’s busy, noisy and everyone wanting to be seen and socialize would have this as one of their first choices. Here you would see women put together, pulling on trends, but usually a relaxed vibe such as the current ripped jean trend and their favourite Aritzia cami and knit sweater or duster, always trying not to look too polished.

Spring Garden Road and the new Halifax Central Library

Spring Garden road is full of shops, restaurants and across from the beautiful scenic public Gardens, an oasis in the city that has a similar feel on a smaller scale to Central Park in New York and Boston Common in Boston.

You can see every kind of style possible at this section of Halifax. There are tourists, artists, musicians, career-wear professionals rushing to work, students in droves, and locals running errands or visiting the bold architectural statement that is Halifax’s new Central Library.

The Halifax Central Library is drawing people and acclaim from all over the world. It is a wonderful place to simply look at and walk around, as many do, but also has a cafe, and a rooftop patio with views of the city. Every style and individuality can be seen here and is a fantastic place to people watch in a funky free spirited place.

The Halifax Boardwalk

The Halifax boardwalk is a bustling harbour full of people, bars, restaurants, local activities such as I Love Bikes (offering Bike tours & rentals), Segway tours, multiple boat, ferry, whale and fishing tours. You could spend the whole day walking one end of Halifax Boardwalk to the other stopping at dozens of scenic areas and people watching all the way along or in a boardwalk hammock, the open beach volleyball courts, or one of the dozens of patios.

The style of the boardwalk is so different and varied. There are the tourists from the cruise ships looking to buy and wear everything shouting Halifax (usually East Coast Lifestyle), the locals who either dress to be seen in trendy of the moment shoes, with midi skirts and tees, or casual white or blush sneakers and it jeans, with a jean jacket or bomber, hair in top knot, or totally done up in major label dresses with matching statement bags for a fancy date at one of the best and most popular restaurants,The Bicycle Thief, which anchors the start of the boardwalk.

The Halifax Seaport Market

The Halifax Seaport Market is a destination for thousands of haligonians on Saturday morning, bringing out all types of style and takes on style you may never have seen placed together or earthy yuppie style vibes you didn’t know existed.
The market has close to a million people visit each year, which is a lot for this small city or big town. It is very multicultural and style watching is at it’s best at this bustling busy market and gives people watchers new ideas and takes on classics and trends you would never have thought to try, and unusual pairings of trends are worn with major confidence.

Contributor: Misty Cartmill
Follow Her Journey: @MaritimeMommy
Photo: Destination Halifax & Unsplash

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