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It is important that we, as a society, take the time to appreciate, reflect and recognize the influences of the Caribbean and African American ethnicities around us. It is a chance to showcase the strength of art, history, and culture of Black Canadians, with support from the federal government. Toronto has plentiful of black-owned businesses helping to shape Canadian history. A community that is creating growth and prosperity within a nation.

On May 31st, 2021 in Ottawa Ontario, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, stood alongside Parliamentary Secretary, President of the Treasury Board, Minister of Digital Government and Chair of the Parliamentary Black Caucus, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion, and International Trade to announce the unveiling of Black Entrepreneurship’s $291.3 million Loan Fund. Created by the Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) to support a community that has made and will continue to make, their positive mark in Canada.

Check out some of our favourite Black-Owned Businesses in the GTA, below!

1. Kaela Kay Boutique


This cute boutique showcases the roots of African fashion, through irreplaceable colours and prints by designer Catherine Addai. Make an impact with a bold fashion statement piece from 857 Wilson Ave, Toronto.

2. A Different Book List


This store is making books from the African-Caribbean diaspora more accessible to the public, to help eliminate stereotypes by informing individuals through credible resources. You can find this bookstore at 779 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

3. Adrift Shop


Looking to truly and comfortably express your sense of Toronto street-style? Find trendy apparel and skate wear off of King West 116 Spadina!

4. The Green Jar


The Green Jar’s focus is personal care, health, and local delivery while being precautious of waste-free emissions! Tastes amazing and its good for the environment!

5. True True


A black-owned business located at 169 King East, Toronto. Chef Suzanne Barr has created a sanctuary for good eating and good times.

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