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For the woman who loves to wander, this collaboration is for you. Canadian fashion brands, MALVADOS and MELT Kimonos, recently launched their new festival collection; a Mojave State of Mind. The collection features hand stitched, custom patched, vintage upcycling creations by MELT Kimonos that are lifted to new heights when paired with MALVADOS platform collection.

Inspired by the music of the lates and greats, MALVADOS has dreams up their designs from iconic women of rock ‘n’ roll and the wild at heart while MELT’s most recent collection highlights 90’s hip hop culture, luxurious Japanese craftsmanship and upcycled wearable art for the free spirited and well-travelled citizens of creation.

Photo credit: Sandra Lowe

Photo credit: Sandra Lowe

Fashion here, simply becomes art as the duo pairs up with photographic journalist, Sandra Lowe to capture the new collection while taking a road trip through the California desert. With a rugged landscape, and beautifully textured pieces the landscape echoes the true festival vibe of these pieces and simply invites us all to take a moment to appreciate fashion and nature as one.

Meet the Brands

Photo credit: Sandra Lowe

Photo credit: Sandra Lowe


“Our mission has always been to offer fashionable footwear for the girl who loves to wander, seeks adventure and is always plugged into music.” Jennifer Rainnie of Malvados shares.

A lifestyle brand offering footwear that will take you from beach to festival and every windows-down, hair-in-your face road trip in between. Offering 3 collections a year, from the playa to the pool, dawn to dusk, we create sandals that memories are made in. Founded by Jennifer Rainnie, a former Canadian Windsurfing champion and travel addict, her designs are inspired by her lifestyle, and her styles are named after cocktails and rockstars.

Melt Kimonos

“Having a special piece of clothing that speaks to you personally, tells a part of your story and empowers you, is rare.” shares Steph Pym.

Melt was born out of the love of colour, texture, print and a deep desire to create special, customizable, and wearable art. Each kimono combines reverence for vintage pieces and timeless storytelling with a deep commitment to upcycling. Kimonos are unisex, unique, and personalized to the wearer. Steph Pym is an artist, designer, entrepreneur, and the woman behind the label.

Meet the Photographer

Sandra Lowe: is a photographer from Vancouver who has recently moved to LA. The sun and diverse culture in the big city are her most current inspiration. There is something to be captured with every turn, from the streets of Hollywood Blvd to the salmon pink skies of the desert. With an artistic background she has worked in various creative fields over the years from fashion, interior design to branding choosing the camera as her most current medium.

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