interior design green couch living room ideas
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Interior Design – Green Couch Living Room Ideas

Olive, emerald, or many other shades, green is always a fantastic choice, but what can you do to make your home feel harmonious with a green couch?

There are so many ways you can complement a beautiful seating choice in your living room scheme, whether you want a room with a traditional appeal or a contemporary feel.

Whatever shade of green you pick for your couch, you can use this with some help from experts to get the living room idea you love.

interior design green couch living room ideas

Source: Style Canada

Amazing Green Couch Living Room Ideas:

Green couches impact any living room, no matter how small or large the room is. Check out these suggestions for creating the perfect setting.


Pair Emerald Green Sofa & Soft Tones

This airy living room is dominated by the emerald green couch, which is softened with a variety of natural materials. Warm wooden furniture with smooth lines, a long pile of wool rug, as well as textured cushions, and plants will tie the space together,’ says Katie Lion, Kitesgrove‘s senior interior designer.

interior design green living room

Source: Kitsgrove

Pale Green Millwork

interior design green living room

Source: Sofology

For a living room that’s harmonious and impactful, a deep green couch can be paired with millwork in pale tones. For an opulent feel, combine metallics with elegant details, such as fluting, and neutral furniture to create a modern minimalist look.

Suzy McMahon, buying director at Sofology (opens in new tab), says green is fresh, optimistic, and soothing. A soft, restful color like green is a trendy choice.

Blush Pink Walls With a Green Sofa

green couch living room ideas with pink blush backround

Source: Home & Gardens

Are you looking for a great green couch living room idea that will provide you with a relaxing but sophisticated room? Then you cannot go wrong with a vibrant green couch with a blush pink wall. Together they create a soothing combination. You can mix the ratios to create an elegant living room.

According to Lucy Searle, the global editor and chief of Homes & Gardens, you can take a contemporary green couch as the focal point of your living room but mix shades of blush and rose with textures in the rug and a wood floor.

Green Couch and Lemon Yellow Accents

interior design green couch living room ideas with yellow backround

Source: Pinterest

Emma Deterding, Kelling Designs founder and creative director, states that when it comes to a great layout idea for your living, you can add a fresh feel and make it feel outdoorsy when you add green. The rich green color of a velvet couch will add a pop of color that helps to bring the outside indoors, similar to leaves in a garden, and it can be paired with colors easily. You can add accents of neutrals, yellows, and other shades of greens to add depth and some warmth to the space.

Solid Green Sofa with Green Floral Print

green floral print living room ideas

Source: House Beautiful

Consider a patterned version if you’re looking for green couch living room ideas. George Miller, a home designer at Neptune, says a couch in a timeless floral motif can look amazing wonders. Especially if you’re looking to add color and pattern to your living room but don’t want to use wallpaper or curtains.

Using additional seating upholstered in the same shade as the pattern will enhance the pattern and create a cohesive look. The whole space will sing if you add natural materials like wood and wicker accessories.

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