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What’s your Kegel face? Even if you’ve never practiced in front of the mirror, Kim Vopni knows you have one.
This week on Let’s Talk About, STYLE Canada’s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, got a full-on Kegel lesson from Vopni who’s also know as “The Vagina Coach”.  
While pregnant with her first child, Vopni became passionate about pelvic health and began sharing information on things like Kegel exercises and just how important they are to practice.
P.S: Did you know that they way you’re slouching at your computer while reading this does not allow your pelvic muscles to sit at optimal resting length? According to Vopni, your posture doesn’t allow for full support of your organs either.

“Vagina Coach” Kim Vopni

Vopni is not only a published author, professional speaker and women’s health educator – she’s the founder of Pelvienne Wellness too; a company that offers pelvic health programs, products and coaching for women throughout pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.
On Let’s Talk About, she explains that the pelvic floor is made up of a triple-layered group of muscles: the first two are responsible for closing/opening movements, while the third is responsible for supporting organs (like the bladder).
According to Vopni, a Kegel exercise is a voluntary activation of this group of muscles that feels like “a closure and a bit of a lift”. Basically, it’s a range of motion (like that of a bicep curl) that involves the pelvic floor.
“The thing with Kegel exercises… They have been misconstrued,” Vopni said. “A lot of the time, people think of a Kegel as a squeeze. A lot of times they will grip their inner thighs, or they’ll squeeze their butt cheeks, or they’ll suck their abs in and they’ll kind of hold their breath… Thinking they’re doing a Kegel, and they’re using other muscles to do what they’re actually supposed to be doing.”

Vopni giving Kegel lessons via Zoom on Let’s Talk About

Chances are that if you thought you had your Kegel exercises down pat, you’ve probably been doing them wrong all along. But if you want a tutorial on how-to Kegel the right way, be sure to tune in to Vopni’s Kegel lesson on Let’s Talk About.
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