Why La Belleforte Is The Period Platform You’ve Been Waiting For

With our editorial focus for this month being “Mind. Body. Glow“, we sought out to explore health issues that affect women. We came across La Belleforte a few months back; a digital platform through which women can connect, learn and shop for their periods. Through research and conversation, La Belleforte aims to inspire women to achieve a better period experience. La Belleforte also offers a curated selection of period care products beyond tampons and pads. We chatted with founder Ellen Garson about La Belleforte and why it’s the right time for a platform like this to emerge. 

Photo: Ellen Garson

SC: How did you come up with the idea of a digital platform for periods? 

EG: I was frustrated with the lack of digestible content out there on the topic as well as the inconvenient, joyless task of last-minute shopping for feminine hygiene products. After researching the space, I recognized a gap in the market for a platform that’s curated, community-driven, and can actually improve a woman’s period experience.

SC: What does La Belleforte mean?

EG: La Belleforte is French for ‘the beautiful strong.’ Beautiful and strong is how we all deserve to feel when it comes to our period and general female health.

SC: Is La Belleforte only for someone who has their period?

EG: Not at all. In fact, around half the women featured in the Checkups don’t currently have a period. It’s important to highlight that so many women don’t get their period, which can occur for a variety of reasons such as birth control or lifestyle. These women have questions, concerns, and needs around their period, and are an integral part of the conversation.

“Beautiful and strong is how we all deserve to feel when it comes to our period and general female health.”

SC: What is a Checkup?

EG: Checkups are voyeuristic interviews with real and inspiring women where they discuss their period in the same breath as topics such as career, self-care, and hopes for the future. There is something so timeless about women passing on information to one another, sharing what has worked for them and what hasn’t. It’s a style of interview that we already look to when it comes to fashion and beauty, (think Into The Gloss and The Coveteur) so why shouldn’t we be having the same conversations around our periods?


SC: What is your goal for La Belleforte?

EG: Most of us want to have a better understanding of our period. We want to educate ourselves and find the best products and methods out there for us. However, that can be a daunting task when we’re left to do all the research ourselves, and when most of us don’t want to try new products or methods without understanding how they’ve worked for other women.

La Belleforte is setting out to improve the period experience by providing a platform where women can connect, learn, and shop. The content has depth and is grounded in extensive research, but is not overly scientific or long-winded. The goal is for the reader to walk away with useful information every time. Our thoughtfully curated shopping experience will soon provide everything needed for your period in one place, which women know goes far beyond just tampons or pads.

SC: Why is now the right time for a platform like this to emerge?

EG: In the last few years, there’s been a major shift towards updating feminine hygiene products and empowering female movements, but the reality is that most of us are still confused about our period. Though more innovation and research is needed when it comes to periods, the biggest need today is to take what we have so far and package it in a way that allows women to start having a better period experience right now.

Visit La Belleforte today and start exploring today. 

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