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“What if COVID never ends? What if we never get out of this?”

According to Megan Gallagher, these types of questions signal anticipatory anxiety – otherwise known as stress that comes with thinking about what will happen in the future.
She broke this down in her conversation with STYLE Canada’s Editor-in-Chief, Elise Gasbarrino, about mental health. The 25-year-old has struggled with anxiety and body image issues and remembers feeling anxious about not being “pretty enough” herself.
As a model and dancer, it put pressure on her mental and emotional state. Still, she loved being on stage. Today, Megan has spoken at over 750 universities across the country, given two TED talks, and has even created a wellness/fitness video series with Sports Illustrated Swim cover model, Kate Bock.
Megan Gallagher

Megan Gallagher

Megan’s list of accomplishments keeps growing – besides being a three-time best-selling author, her new book How to Thrive In the Virtual Classroom comes out this month and is destined for praise. If there’s nothing the model, wellness blogger, and AfterBuzz TV and podcast host can’t do, we simply haven’t heard of it.
Though she recognizes the pandemic has “done a number” on people of all ages and identities. She’s seen the effects that stay-at-home orders have had on young adults in the virtual classroom and millennials in the virtual workspace. Thankfully, she’s here to help them through it.
“We all as human beings… We are not physically and mentally meant to be indoors for this long a period of a time. We’re not really meant for that,” Megan told Elise during their discussion. “But I think our minds are so powerful that we can make it through these moments.”
We hope so too. To listen to Megan’s episode of Let’s Talk About, search “Let’s Talk About” on any major streaming platform and for more information, head over to our podcast homepage, here.

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