Moroccan Style at The Swahili Beach Resort

As you enter the steel gates, no detail is left to chance. As the warm breeze flows through your body you are welcomed with a cool drink to quench your thirst and escorted to a comfortable place to rest as you settle in for your stThe grand entrance is designed to lead you to a beautiful oasis, The Indian Ocean. Each archway frames a stunning view; the beach, the pool, the beauty of the place. The exotic lighting sets the mood for relaxation, the flowing water fountain filled with flowers gives off a fragrance to forget your woes. The handcrafted wood work anchors the space to feel the Moroccan vibe. As you walk throughout the property of The Swahili Beach Resort in Kenya, you are simply in awe of the beauty that has been created in the heart of the wilderness.

The Space

Furnishings are hand crafted from wood and concrete, finished in a white wash, enhanced by overstuffed upholstery that you will sink into to rejuvenate your soul. Oversized suites with natural light flowing through the glass wall sets the mood for your stay. The cascading pools lead you to a white sanded beach with canopy beds and lounge chairs. The gardeners tend to the gardens that you will enjoy, as well as a few monkeys. Camels and the people stroll the beach which leads to the smoothing waters of the Indian Ocean. It simply is paradise as you walk to the shore, float in the ocean and marvel in all the beauty that the property emulates.

The Swahili Beach Resort, in Diani Beach, Kenya, Africa is definitely a Moroccan lifestyle that will soothe your soul to better living. This luxurious resort is the place to go if you’re looking to take some time for yourself, and marvel in the beauty that has been uniquely designed to bring you peace and tranquility to your stay in Kenya.


Contributor: Mary Gasbarrino
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Mary Gasbarrino is the Home Curator for Decorate In Style Inc., a home design company  in Niagara. Through her passion of decorating she started Decorate In Style Inc., to transform houses into homes through staging, re-design plans and in flipping. Her team of professionals collaborates with you to create a space to suit your lifestyle.

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