Moving Abroad In Your 30s; Too Late For An Adventure?

When my husband and I were first presented with the idea of relocating from Toronto to London this year, it was a much harder decision then it once would have been in our 20s. We had settled in Toronto, bought a home, and were recently married – to most, it would have been an easy “no”. Time to have kids and slow things down, settle into Toronto.

I’d consider myself to have been fully wonderlust through my 20s. There was never a turned down opportunity or place left unexplored. After all, that’s what your 20s are for. But now, it was too late… right?

We went back and forth weighing all the pros and cons. In order to execute a move there were many things to manage through. A career change for me – even though I was in job I loved. The renting of our home – although we had only just moved in a year earlier and loved our neighbourhood. Family and friends – what about all the things we would miss – weddings, nieces and nephews, birthday parties?

Despite all the challenges, eventually we decided that as husband and wife and eventually a family we wanted to always be flexible with opportunities and open to new challenges. We believed that despite any distance our personal family values and our prioritization of friends and family, would allow us to continue to make them a priority even if we moved across the pond.


This adventure is still very new, but I have already learned a few things that might be worth sharing. Hopefully these might inspire you to think a little harder about your next opportunity and not lead with a “30 something no”.

Here are seven things you might expect on a 30 something adventure:


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