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With news about COVID-19 hitting hard, social distancing has become one of the hottest behavioural trends on social media in the past week. By definition, social distancing is a term applied to non-pharmaceutical actions taken by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of an infectious disease like the coronavirus. Examples of social distancing measures include working from home, washing your hands frequently, and keeping a physical distance from anyone coughing or sneezing.

While it can be frightening to have to be more cautious about who’s around you and how you perform day-to-day activities, social distancing can provide you with some extra time to catch up on rest, go inward, and even learn something new. That said, here’s seven must-reads for when you wake up from your beauty sleep; one for every day of the week.

1. #DishingIt: Bar Koukla

Love Greek food? Read this review of a brand new Mediterranean bar and restaurant in Toronto’s west end. Date night = planned.

2. 7 Stunning Eco-Stays To Visit This Year

Got the travel bug after having to cancel a trip due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19? To satisfy your itch, read this list of environmentally friendly resorts and hotels until you’re able to leave your nest again.

3. 100 To 0: Redefining What It Means To Find Quiet In 2020

Overwhelmed? Read this guide to finding quiet and truly relaxing. It couldn’t be more timely.

4. This Is How Your Skin’s Appearance Affects Your Job Interview Success

Not feeling super confident about your complexion? Concerned that it’s affecting people’s perception of you? Read about this woman’s experience with the same issues.

5. 3 Decor Ideas To Help Lighten Seasonal Depression

Need a boost to get you through the last of the cold weather? Feeling uninspired? Read this list of decor ideas to help lighten your mood and avoid dipping into seasonal depression.

6. 8 ‘Misbehaved’ Women That History Forgot

Looking for a way to motivate yourself in such a time of uncertainty? Read this list of empowering female success stories to get you out of that slump.

7. How-To: Make A Rose Toning Mist In Five Simple Steps

Looking for a little DIY project to help keep you busy and round out your skincare routine? Read these instructions on how to make your own Rose Toning Mist. 

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