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In celebration of the best and brightest in Canadian design, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA) are a way to showcase the homegrown talent and recognize their outstanding achievements on both a local and an international scale. Bringing together models, designers, influencers and artists from around the world, CAFA is a true celebration of the Canadian fashion industry.

In the days leading up to the red carpet awards ceremony, a week of scheduled events were planned to engage with members of Canada’s fashion industry on a diverse range of topics.

Panel discussions with top industry professionals ranged from how to build a brand by leveraging its social impact, discussions with Award-winning designers like Aurora James of Brother Vellies, to the impact of legal cannabis on the industry as a whole.

We spoke with one panelist, Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, the CEO and founder of Responsible Trust for Models, who champions issues like diversity, immigration, and fair treatment for all employees within the industry.

The organization works to protect, educate, and support models, and helps educate up and coming models on topics like finance, public speaking, wellness, and choreography. She had industry professionals come in including models Arizona Muse and Jessica Clarke, casting director Holly Scott and the Head of production house Inca, Charlotte Clarke.

When asked why events like CAFA are so important for Canadian talent, Peyton-Jones shared, “It’s heart-warming to see so many incredible men and women using CAFA as a platform to congratulate those who are championing change within the industry.”

When asked about Canada’s role within the international fashion industry, she went on to add, “As an endeavour which takes care of young people in the industry ensuring best practice and equal opportunity, Canada [is] keeping up its tradition of doing what is right.”

This year’s main event took place at the glamorous Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto honouring talented individuals in all realms of the fashion industry – from makeup artists and hair stylists to photographers and models. A full list of award winners can be found on the CAFA website, and scroll through the gallery below for a recap of the night.

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