Self-care is Sacred: 8 Faces Beauty

Every once in a while, a certain product comes my way and makes my daily routine that much more simple. This month it is 8 Faces. 

After meeting 8 Faces founder Beth Shuman, I realized how much a product like the boundless solid oil would benefit me in more ways than one. I’ve always been a fan of multi-use products, so my interest was beyond piqued.

Beth’s philosophy is simple. Self-care is sacred.

8 Faces believes that beauty begins with the decision to be good to yourself.  The brand was inspired by the ever changing faces of the Moon and the ritual of self-care, which can be a transformative and a rewarding experience.

After living in New York as a TV producer and experiencing an intense work schedule; Beth started to notice the stress-related side-effects on her skin. She then wanted to create an all in one product and started to experiment and get creative in her kitchen. After 2 years of different mixtures and constant testing, she finally created the final combination.

Beth has sourced all the ingredients to be 100% natural, cruelty-free, USDA certified organic and working closely with communities via free-trade. She is always on the search for the finest and purest ingredients and it shows upon first experience with the boundless solid oil.

The solid oil contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids; which includes Amla Berry oil, the most powerful of them all. Once I did my research, I was beyond excited to start using the product.

The solid oil is packaged beautifully and comes with a tiny spatula for easy application. I was surprised by the very small amount you need. It spreads so easily and does not leave any sticky or slick residue. It dries instantly and seeps right into the skin.

I first started noticing the difference in my hands. My hands are usually the first to show the signs of stress from my daily routine (CrossFit, 5 days a week) and on my cuticles which are chronically dry and dehydrated. I then have expended the use to my face (I’m always dry around my nose) and it’s been amazing for my small bouts of Eczema, every now and then.

With my experience, wherever I’ve put it; it gives results within days.

With Valentines Day tomorrow, this is the perfect way to treat yourself or your beauty addict girlfriend. To read up more on 8 Faces check out

Contributor: Rachelle Gill
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Rachelle Gill has been working in the professional beauty industry for almost 15 years. Her passions of personal style and all things beauty, have inspired her to share her expertise on a digital level. Her Blog, The Grey Rose,  focuses on individual style, current beauty and modern lifestyle.

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