Serena Kerrigan On Listening To Your Inner Voice, Societal Expectations & More

“Listen to that voice inside of you, because it’s the only voice that isn’t impacted by societal points of view,” Serena Kerrigan told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Serena discusses her previous work experiences and how she felt like people were constantly trying to label her and place her in certain boxes that will market well and “sell” to the audience.

She credits her success to trusting her gut and listening to her inner voice. Her inner voice is the only opinion around her that is not influenced by society and what others expect of her.

Serena KerriganSerena Kerrigan

Over the global pandemic, Serena created the first ever Instagram Live reality show, Let’s Fucking Date where she live streams virtual blind dates to her audience of over 300k followers, accumulating over 5 million views in total. Let’s Fucking Date is now in its third season.

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