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If you’re like me, you lack sleep, live for afternoon naps, and seek out any and every natural remedy or practice to provide you with a restful sleep.

Ever since I can remember I’ve never really slept well. From nightmares (still at 32!), to waking up because it’s too hot or cold, the streetlights are a little too bright, the air feels stiff, or simply my mind is racing with a list of the hundreds of tasks I need to accomplish tomorrow. The list goes on and on, and I’m sure if you lack sleep, you can easily add to this list.

Cue in Saje Wellness’ Sleep Well Kit, a perfect blend of natural remedies and the loveliest products to provide you with more than enough sleep.

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Here are a few tips to sleep well:

Technology 101

First things first, sleep with your phone outside of your room, and try not to look at any technology for at least a couple of hours before bed. It’s no secret technology emits a sense of constant overdrive to our brains. By removing it from your bedtime routine, you’ll see drastic changes in the way you sleep. Trust me, I’ve tried this and it works miracles.

Clear The Air

Place a few drops of Saje’s tranquility aroma blend into your diffuser to bring in the sweet scents of lavender and chamomile. If you love chamomile as much as I do, while turning on your diffuser, make yourself a warm cup of loose leaf chamomile tea to calm your mind.

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Take a Bath

With your tea in hand, ease into a bath with Saje’s tranquility bath salts. With hints of lavender, and marjoram, you’ll feel a sense of lightness come over you. If I’m feeling really drained, I’ll take a hot bath before bed, as it’s such a simple way to melt into sleep.


Clearing your mind is one of the only ways my mind stays at rest all night. If you’re new to meditation check out our simple meditation. Begin your evening meditation by rolling Saje’s Restful Sleep Roller to dive deep into a nightmare-free sleep. As you notice your breath deepening, you’ll feel your whole body relax.

Sleep Mask = Happiness

I love when the natural light gently wakes you up, but when your bedroom is at the front of the house, Saje’s sleep mask is dawned. As I’m constantly in motion, I love that I can take this sleep mask anywhere with me to drown out the beaming city lights wherever my travels take me.

Sleep is so important, and it’s with these few simple steps and the greatest natural remedies by Saje Wellness that I wish you the happiest, most restful sleep.

Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino
Melaina is the founder of
SALT to TREE a wellness company that integrates the practices of movement (yoga) and healing (reiki + sound baths) to live WITH the Earth.

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