Alicia Mccarvell STYLE Canada Changemaker - STYLE Canada


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Alicia Mccarvell uses humour to tackle conversations around body image, worth, and self-love. Sharing everything from workout routines and dance videos to updates on her relationship with her husband, Alicia hopes to relate, inspire laughter, and break down barriers.

After facing constant judgement for her physical appearance, Alicia started her platform to combat the hate that many plus-sized womxn face, and foster a community of friendship and positivity. Nearly 2 years later, her platform has skyrocketed to a community of over 5 million ‘beans’ that flock to her for a daily dose of laughter and wisdom.

Alicia serves as a source of inspiration to encourage people to love themselves outside of their bodies. She hopes to ignite these conversations by sharing the tips she’s used to aid her in her confidence journey.

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