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Natalya Amres is a sustainable fashion designer and small business owner, Natalya is completely re-imagining streetwear on her own terms. Self-taught and endlessly independent, she goes beyond what’s been done before, creating from pure passion and following no-one else’s rules. And being sustainable comes naturally—because why buy something new, when gems await in vintage and thrift shops? Natalya’s playfully remixed streetwear designs—including a basketball corset and sneaker clutches—have earned her major DIY cred.

Images courtesy of Timelapse Films | Bar designs by Gosia Komorski

Natalya has been selected as one of five highlighted women in Hershey Canada’s #HERFORSHE campaign with the goal of making more women visible and spotlighting the communities they serve. The campaign features limited-edition, not-for-sale chocolate bar designs by Toronto artist Gosia Komorski that celebrate women’s stories—including Natalya’s—as well as a partnership with Girl Up

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