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Stacey Keller is a mom, former educator and entrepreneur, who is setting a new standard for inclusivity and forward-thinking across the fashion accessory industry. Handcrafting her first baseball cap prototype in her living room, Stacey knew something needed to change. Struggling to find hats that were comfortable to wear no matter how she styled her long hair and recognizing the traditionally masculine-dominated industry did not cater to all needs and styles, Stacey wanted to introduce an everyday solution to headwear that anyone can wear. Thus, Ponyback was born.

Accommodating those with long hair and allowing them to embrace their personal style with a patent-pending back magnetic opening, Stacey is revolutionizing how headwear is designed and marketed, breaking the moulds of the fashion industry and setting a new standard for how clothes can fit all users. So much more than just a fashion brand, Stacey created Ponyback as a community for individuals of all ages, genders, and sizes to embrace who they are and express their personal style with ease.

Today, Stacey continues to expand Ponyback’s product lines, fits and materials to accommodate even more users than before. What started as a simple idea in her living room has turned into a viral sensation online. No matter how simple of an idea, Stacey understands how finding something that fits you and your needs can make all the difference in you being able to take on your day with confidence and she continues to empower and inspire her Ponyback community online as an active face of Ponyback.

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