Taylor Lindsay-Noel On Advocating For Mental Health Awareness

“My life is more than just me. I think that through my business, through my advocacy for disability awareness and mental health awareness, that I’ll be able to create something and affect people for longer than I’ll ever be alive,” Taylor Lindsay-Noel  told Elise Gasbarrino on this week’s episode of Let’s Talk About.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Taylor Lindsay-Noel was a Canadian national gymnast. In 2008, she was in a devastating accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Lindsay uses her experience and social platform to advocate for mental health awareness and disability.

“The mental journey for me was so much more difficult than the physical,” said Taylor. Taylor continues to use her platform as a way to connect with others who may be struggling and ultimately, being a voice for them.

She is a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason,” and now views her life and past experiences as her purpose on earth. Taylor understands why the universe has put her in this position and uses her tragedy to motivate her advocacy for others. Taylor wishes to inform and share her experience so that others in similar positions may never face the internal struggles that she did.

Taylor Lindsay-Noel

Taylor is a motivational speaker, disability advocate, council member of the Premier’s Council on Equality of Opportunity and owner of Cup of Té, a luxury loose tea company.

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