#Trending In Canada: Streetwear

In recent years streetwear has become increasingly popular. It’s casual, yet fashionable style is a great way to be comfy while still looking your best. 

Using layers, textures and proportions the streetwear aesthetic is one that allows you to develop a unique personal style that is true to yourself, yet still keeps up with the trends. Take a look at how these five Canadian influencers showcase their streetwear! 

How are you styling your street wear this summer? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #TrendingInCanada!

Summer Ready

@john_sstyle via Instagram

Effortless Elegance

@sachatamayo via Instagram

Pinned Up

@seth_froese via Instagram

Casual Friday

@emilykosichek via Instagram

Chill Vibes

@drefamm via instagram

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