#TrendingInAmsterdam: Statement Belts

Belts are usually known as functional items. The accessory is often used to either make your suit look more formal or to hold up your pants from slipping. However, the best kind of belts are the ones that tie your whole outfit together.

Statement belts have the ability to elevate your simplest outfit, and they’re totally trending in Amsterdam right now. Here are a few examples of how influencers in Amsterdam are rocking statement belts.

How are you styling statement belts this fall? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtags #TrendinginCanada and #TrendingInAmsterdam!

The Classic Leather Brown Belt

 @floortjeloves via Instagram

Elevate your Dress

@daphnevankerkhoff via Instagram

Dainty and Clean

@modedamour via Instagram

Classic Layering

@saoztu via Instagram

Odd but Fashionable

@gosiaboy via Instagram

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