#TrendingInCanada: Cardigans

We have been asking our followers to tag us on Instagram for our weekly Trending In Series and we can’t get enough of the fashion inspirations you gave us. That’s why for this week’s edition, we’re looking at how our followers in Canada are styling themselves for the season. We see that many of you are rocking cardigans and we love it!

Winter is the perfect season to wear this piece of clothing. Layering it up with cardigans is a simple solution for staying warm in the winter while still looking stylish. You can wear the simplest or most basic outfit and level it up with the addition of a cardigan. How are you rocking cardigans this season? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #TrendingInCanada!

A Patterned Cardigan

@getreadywithpremy via Instagram

A Waterfall Cardigan on a Monochromatic Outfit

@susanamorettis via Instagram

A Half-buttoned Cardigan

@thegirl_withtoomanyclothes via Instagram

Long Cardigans

@mi.na_styletwins via Instagram

A Simple Cardigan on a Patterned Turtleneck

@lindabephuongho via Instagram

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