#TrendingInCanada: Fuchsia - STYLE Canada


What’s the best way to brighten up the short, cold, dreary winter days that seem to have no end? Why, incorporating bold colour into your everyday wardrobe of course! This February, we’ve seen a spike in beaming pops of colour from orange to neon green, though fuchsia has become the frontrunner in streetwear. The cheerful hue has been styled so many different ways in the past, but its now reclaiming its feminine energy and taking charge. We’re seeing fuchsia power suits, blazers, and statement heels all over our Insta feed, and we’re not mad about it.

This is how your favourite Canadian influencers are wearing fuchsia:

1. Check, Please


2. Powerpuff Girl


3. Dual-Tone Done Right


4. CEO Chic


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