source: @fermillan


#TrendingInMexico: Metallic Clothing


source: @fermillan

#TrendingInMexico: Metallic Clothing. This week on our #TrendingIn Series, we’re heading to Mexico. We are approaching Holiday Parties and, with them, the opportunity to wear the more stunning silver, black and gold metallic pieces. Our favourite influencers have styled this metallic trend in the chicest and most creative way possible. If you don’t know how to style your metallic pieces, we have the perfect inspiration for you! Don’t overthink it and wear them! Don’t forget to show us how you rock your metallic pieces this season by using the hashtags #TrendingInMexico and #TrendingInCanada.

Metallic in the day? YES, of course!


Source: @chantaltru

First for our #TrendingInMexico: Metallic Clothing. Don’t leave your silver skirt just for the night or important and “elegant” events. Chantal is making it clear you can wear your silver skirt for a day casual and creative outfit with a pair of sneakers and a very cool jacket.

Metallic Blue is always a good idea!


source: @divalomas

Secondly, we have one of our favourite fashion stylists wearing a blue metallic blouse, and the best part is mixing it with jeans to tone down the blouse and make a stunning look but relaxed at the same time; we call that knowing how to balance an outfit.

Silver is the new black!


source: soygreciaov

Undoubtedly, this is one of our favourite #TrendingInMexico looks in Metallic Clothing. She’s paired her silver pants as if they were black, with other colours like burgundy, black, and again silver on the bag, and she looks fantastic. Take a risk and try to mix silver with anything.

There is always an option!


source: @viviansaad_

If you are not so risky but like this trend, we recommend you start adding small metallic details to your outfits, such as bags, shoes or like these spectacular boots that can go with everything in your closet!

Silver and Gold… Yes, they match!


source: fermillan

Last but not least, the best example is that there are no limits when discussing dressing and combining different textures and colours. Metallic trends are on fire; use them whenever you want, at night or day, and don’t forget to tag us #TrendingInMexico and #TrendingInCanada.

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