#TrendingInNYC: Florals - STYLE Canada


Bright, bold and beautiful or simple, neutral and monochrome: floral patterns can be worn in a variety of ways.

Picture perfect for spring and summer, florals might be the best way to bring a little bit of nature to the big city. 

Floral patterns have also proven to be incredibly versatile, as NYC fashionistas show us in the outfits featured below.

How are you wearing florals this season? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #TrendingInCanada and #TrendinginNYC!

1. Vacation Vibes 

@humidityistheenemy via Instagram

2. Table For Two

@austentosone via Instagram

3. Pants With A Purpose 

@gabbyscerbo via Instagram

4. SoHo Chic

@lipsticksnfashion via Instagram

5. Not Your Average Overalls 

@daily_randi via Instagram

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