Unboxed: The March Edition

Welcome to ‘Unboxed’, a series where we feature a few goodies gifted to us that we just had to share with you! From the newest beauty products to the best of the best in home goods, we have it all and so much more. To check out more of our favourite products, check out our favourite finds and weekly picks at our chic general store pop-up.

Here’s what we’re loving this month!

Essential Oil Diffuser + Home Frangrance Blends from MUJI

Unboxed March

Ebbing and flowing through your home breathing in the calming home frangrances from MUJI is simply the best way to live. MUJI’s delicately crafted essential oil diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to diffuse and disperse fragrant mists around your room. Book a Home Fragrance Blend experience at MUJI’s Aroma Bar (in Toronto) to work with a specialist to mix and blend 48 different essential oils, creating one-of-a-kind aromas to suit your vibe. From invigorating lemon and yuzu blends to a relaxation-inducing lavender and eucalyptus blends, you’ll breathe in goodness while dancing through home.

M8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Proscenic

Unboxed: March
Photo credit: Proscenic

Cleaning has become an all-time favourite in households around the world with the M8 Robot vacuum cleaner from Proscenic. Designed with  advanced Laser Technology, the robot scans its surroundings at 360 degrees day and night, planning the quickest route to clean every inch of your home. The best part about the M8 is that it’s designed to be forgotten by it’s users, simply have the vacuum do the work for you – from mapping out the best cleaning route with realtime maps of your home to scheduling cleanings virtually, when guests come over they’ll forever be in awe at how clean your floors always are.  

Baby2 camera monitor from Simshine

Unoboxed March
Photo credit: Simshine

For the modern parent; Simshine’s Baby2 camera monitor features impressive AI features to ensure your child (and you) rest easy every night. This newest addition to the Simshine collection is a brilliant way to not only monitor when your child is crying but it also has handy tools built in to monitor your child’s sleeping patterns, rollover and face covered sensors, customizable lullabies to lull your baby back to sleep without you having to enter the room, and notifies you if your baby wanders out of the safe areas. With all of the advancements in technology, we can all sleep well knowing that our children are safely sleeping through the night. 

N1 Projector from Emotn

Unboxed March Edition
Photo credit: Emotn

With the rise in great films on Netflix, Emotn, the dynamic smart projector brand, has created their first offical Netflix licensed projector, the Emotn N1, and we’re simply amazed at the greatness behind our newest gadget. Packed with native 1080P full HD clarity, 500 ANSI Lumens and a maximum projection size of 120 inches, the Emotn N1 instantly creates movie-like theatre spaces in your home. With Dolby Audio and dual 5W speakers, the Emotn’s N1’s picture and sound is like no other. So go on, watch your favourites on the Emotn N1 today.

Face Serums from BKIND

Unboxed March

BKIND’s newest face serum collection is uniquely designed to enhance your beauty routine. Each beautifully crafted serum is formulated with active natural and vegan ingredients to target specific skin concerns; we love the refining face serum as our face shines in the dull of winter! With their light, gel-like texture, each serum is designed to keep your skin hydrated, loved and nourished. From flower extracts to aloe vera we know you’ll love BKIND’s new serums just as much as we do!

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