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If you know much about Vancouver, then it’s likely you are familiar with the constant downpour that we experience here in the winter season. You also may be aware that traveling from anywhere else in Canada it may be necessary to trade in your Sorrels for Hunters and your Canada Goose for an umbrella.

Although the idea of being constantly damp sounds extremely unappealing to most, it doesn’t stop Vancouverites from hitting the town on a Saturday night or running along the Seawall in the morning. Despite the cold and the rain, the people of Vancouver always seem to step out looking their best. Whether it’s the relaxed athletic vibes of English Bay, the trendy cobble stone streets of Gastown or the upscale and fashion forward Coal Harbor, the streets of Van always seem to be teaming with fashion inspiration.


If there’s anything a Vancouver girl needs its a little black jacket. Although, ‘little’ is not always the best describing word, as oversized classics such as a bomber or motto jacket are the perfect layering essential that every girl needs to make an outfit go from casual to cute. Since a rain poncho isn’t always the most appealing option, it’s a good idea to find a water resistant jacket that keeps you dry while also creating a variety of texture to any ensemble. Adding a relaxed print like faded camo or a plaid button-up can help give your look that extra a bit of edge, and whether your go-to shoe is a pair of Nikes or leather ankle boots, it all seems to work. Creating a versatile wardrobe and layering whenever possible is the perfect way to go from day to night, or rain to shine, with ease.

Layering textures and prints is the easiest way to make a casual outfit standout from the rest. Leather or faux-leather leggings seem to be everywhere this winter, making it easy for us to find an awesome pair without breaking the bank – and since usually you’ll find them in black or neutral tones, swapping them for your usual pair of cotton leggings or nylons make this trend fit seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe.

The best thing about these trends is they work for literally everyone- throwing on a few textures of black on black can turn a laundry day into a fashion statement for a girl on the run (not to mention all the pizza sauce stains you’ll be avoiding!), and if you’re on the go and craving a quick slice, be sure check out Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria – we all know pizza is the perfect accessory to any look.

Contributor: Bailey Kilburn
Photo: Unsplash

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