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Wolf Cut Hairstyles: Long Hair Tips and Ideas

Wolf cut hairstyles are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They’re sexy, stylish, and versatile – perfect for any occasion. In this post, we’ll give you tips and ideas on how to style your wolf cut hair the right way. We’ll also provide some helpful tips on how to prevent your hair from becoming greasy and oily, and how to keep it looking its best. So whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or just want to know how to style it properly, read on!

wolf cut long hairstyle trends

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What Is a Wolf Cut Hairstyle?

A wolf cut hairstyle is a popular style that was born in the 1980s. It’s named after its similarity to the animal, which has long hair that is mostly pulled back into a low ponytail or bun. The key to pulling off this look successfully is having medium or longer length hair that can be styled easily and worn straight or slightly curly. If you want to try out this trendy haircut, start by choosing a style that will work with your face shape and texture. You can either go for a simple wolf cut hairstyle or add some creative layers and curls for an edgier look.

Is a Wolf Cut Good on Long Hair?

Wolf cuts can be a great choice for people with long hair because they help to keep the locks tangle-free and look stylish. They also distribute the hair’s weight more evenly, preventing it from becoming greasy or weighed down. Some people love wolf cuts because they offer plenty of movement and style options. You can wear it straight, curly, wavy, or frizzy – basically, anything you can dream up!

However, wolf cuts are not ideal for everyone. If you have thick hair, you may find that your locks struggle to breathe in this style. Additionally, wolf cuts require regular trims in order to maintain their shape and look good.

There are some things to keep in mind when choosing this style:

  • Make sure your hair is thick enough so that the shorter sides don’t show through the longer locks. If your hair isn’t thick enough, you’ll need to rely on styling products or extensions to make it work (and those may not be ideal for long-term use).
  • Be prepared for a few minor maintenance requirements. This style tends to require regular trims (at least once per month), as well as proper conditioning to prevent damage from frequent dryness or humidity exposure.

Are Wolf Cut Hairstyles Low Maintenance?

Wolf cut hairstyles can be a low-maintenance style. That is, if you take care of them properly. When it comes to wolf cuts, it’s important to avoid over-washing the hair because this will only cause damage and loss of volume. Instead, use cold water and a mild shampoo that won’t strip the hair or leave residue behind. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and follow up with a conditioner that contains vitamins B5 and B6 for added shine, protection, and growth.

If you want your wolf cuts to last longer than usual, try not to tug on the roots too much when styling. This will help keep your hair healthy while minimizing breakage.

How to Maintain a Wolf Cut Hairstyle

After your haircut, use a hot wet towel to clean off all residual products from your hair styling products. Next, apply a light oil or spray on top of your head and work it into each lock of hair until it’s fully coated. Then take small sections at a time and twist them around 180 degrees while holding onto the bottom section – this will create the Wolf Cut shape. Finally, release and tidy up any loose strands with a brush or comb.

Steps to Maintain a Wolf Cut

Brush hair daily – The foundation of any hair care routine is developing smart habits. With a wolf cut on long hair, this includes daily brushing. It helps prevent your hair from becoming tangled. Round brushes are recommended, as it will detangle the hair and increase volume at the same time.

If your hair type is prone to knots, get a detangling spray to reduce breakage when brushing.

Leave-in conditioner – If you have thick, wavy or curly hair a leave-in conditioner should be applied to the ends of damp hair. This will help keep your locks moisturized so it doesn’t dry out. It also helps promote healthier growth while protecting hair from the various products used in it.

If you have a fine hair type, you should skip this as it can add weight to your hair and actually cause more damage than good.

Get regular trims – As previously mentioned, one of the regular maintnance routines should be getting trims. It is important to keeping up the shape of your layers and bangs. The recommended trim routine is between 8 to 10 weeks on longer hair.

5 Popular Wolf Cuts in 2022

Chunky Wolf Cut

wolf hair cut style

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This wolf cut can transform a thick mane into an elegant frame around your face. It is great for highlighting strong bone structure, espeically on darker hair tones.

Light Colored Wolf Cut on Long Hair

wolf cut hairstyle blonde

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Even platinum blonde can look amazing in a wolf cut when done properly. With carefully sliced tresses, the long layers will create the chopiness needed around the face to really bring out your features!

Curtain Bang Wolf Cut

This style of the wolf cut creates long fringes that are partted down the middle, leaving some flirty floaters around the face.

Wolf Cut with Two Tone Blended Layers

Bring a sporty look to the classic wolf cut. Instead of disconnecting the bottom and top, have the hairstylist create blended layers throughout the length of your hair. This cleanly blends the two tones together.

Thick Lived-In Wolf Cut Style

wolf hair trend

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With smart layering techinques, the hairstylist can remove bulkiness off the top, and create waves with a taper cut. This gives you that “I woke up this good” look with very little work.

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