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The Mighty Niagara Film Fest is again ready to set sail and explore the ever-expanding ocean of the moving image. The festival launches on August 16th, and continues until August 19th. It’s keenly focused on films made about, or in Niagara and by filmmakers with connections to the region. The festival uniquely makes space for the experimental and the extraordinary. For more information about the festival, click here. Here, we invite you to meet the artists of MNFF.

Meet The Bawaadan Collective

Photo Credit: Bawaadan Collective

Photo Credit: Bawaadan Collective

Tell us a bit about the brand:

As a majority Indigenous Collective, we imagine a future in which Indigenous peoples, our stories, perspectives, bodies, and languages are seen as beautiful and inspiring, we envision our communities transitioning into a leading role in which sustainability and reciprocal relationships reign. It is our goal to constantly adjust our organizational structures and modes of storytelling to create inclusive, mindful spaces, and better represent Indigenous peoples.

Collective members are attracted to film-making as it allows us to tell our own unique stories and how we want to see ourselves reflected, while offering an interdisciplinary space to improve upon our artistic and technical abilities and practices.

Photo Credit: Bawaadan Collective

Photo Credit: Bawaadan Collective

What drew you all to participating in this specific piece of work?

What drew us to this specific piece of work was the vision we both shared in wanting to express a glimpse of what Urban Natives go through. An Urban Native being an Indigenous person who lives in cities or urban areas and feels a disconnect from their land, community, and the questions it raises. What else might be lost, or unclear in this experience. Many Indigenous youth share in this experience when they leave the reserve and focus on their education or employment.

What do you all love most about MNFF?

The entire Niagara region is rich in storytelling. MNFF is a platform for all storytellers to present and share their works with audiences from across the region. We are grateful to the entire team at Niagara Artists Centre for their unrelenting dedication to supporting the arts in the region.

What does 2023 hold for you/the brand?

We have several projects in the works including production on a science fiction feature film, and a documentary film being released in the fall. We also have a few short pieces we are working alongside communities and community organizations which will be released in the coming months.

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