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Source: Monique Smith


Influencer Profile: Monique Smith Gives us the inside scoop on NYFW

NYFW is one of the most awaited fashion events of the year. It’s all glamorous and everything but what it is really like being in one of the biggest cities of the world rushing from one fashion show to another in extremely fancy clothes and a crazy busy schedule! Our Influencer Profile will take a deeper look at influencer Monique Smith’s experience at NYFW with its high and lows. Keep on reading to learn more about the tips and tricks to a smooth fashion week with Monique Smith

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Influencer: Monique Smith

Instagram: @moniqueesmithxo

influencer profile monique smith nyfw

Source: Monique Smith

SC: Tell us a bit about yourself?

MS: Hi Style Canada! My name is Monique Smith and I am fashion and lifestyle content creator based in Toronto GTA! I am super passionate about sharing my love for fashion and content creation with my collective audience across all social media platforms. I started posting content consistently during Covid and then after 1 year, I took the leap and quit my job to pursue content creation full time!
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Source: Monique Smith

SC: What was your favorite part about NYFW?

MS: Ever since I was in high school, my dream was always to attend New York Fashion Week! I used to volunteer for Toronto Fashion Week back in 2018 and it was the best experience for me! My favorite part about NYFW is seeing everybody in the fashion industry get together to collaborate while showcasing something unique and  beautiful. I especially love seeing all my favorite creators from all over the world come together to support all of our favorite brands. This was my second time attending Fashion Week and it had to be one of the best experiences of my life!

SC: We know it looks all fun and glamorous but what are the ups and downs and challenges you face during fashion weeks, especially in a chaotic city like NYC.

MS: New York Fashion Week is definitely not for the weak! The biggest challenge I faced with fashion week is time management. Every day is jammed-packed with events and shows all over the city. It can be extremely difficult travelling to each destination after each other. On the other hand, gives you a chance to connect with a lot of brands and creators. Being in the city during Fashion Week is such an uplifting feeling!

SC: Which one was your favorite show or event to attend?

MS: My favorite show to attend was the Boohoo X Kourtney Kardashian collaboration and the Klassy Network event. Boohoo show had the perfect fall essentials: stylish trenches, edgy dresses and oversized coats. It was also super exciting to see my favourite TikTokers and celebrities front row! I was also able to attend Klassy Network Event. They presented a wide range of fashionable staples that have built-in padding! It was amazing to re-connect with the team as well as make new connections!
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SC: We know you have packed schedules during fashion week, how do you change outfits for shows and get around the city in such short periods of time?

MS: Since this was my second time attending Fashion Week, I am finally starting to get the hang of things. I made sure to book a hotel nearby all the events and stayed close to Time Square where a majority of the events were. I was able to uber to the hotel, change, and go to the next event!

SC: What would you make sure to do for next Fashion Week to make your experience a bit easier?

MS: PLAN AHEAD! I would definitely plan to a day arrive earlier to get setteled. A day of rest is needed to prepare yourself for the chaos. Make sure to find accommodations nearby so you have enough time to attend your favorite events!

SC: Finally, what are your plans for 2023?

MS: For 2023, I would love to connect other creators within the community, especially in Canada. I am currently planning some upcoming events for us get together to collaborate and connect more. Be sure to check out my Instagram @moniqueesmithxo to keep an eye out. Thank you so much Style Canada for having me!

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