neon makeup looks you can wear year rounf
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Neon Makeup Looks You Can Wear Year-Round

Regardless what season it is, neon colors have been all the rage lately. Originally a trendy spring 2019 look, neon makeup flew off the shelfs and now neon makeup looks are seen all year. The neon makeup trend started off with a makeup artist uploading amazing neon makeup looks on their Instagram page.

When it went viral, and top brands realized neon colors were here to stay, they released rainbow eyeshadow palettes. More people began experimenting with the neon makeup styles, and loved it! But, it left many people with the question, how to include it in everyday living?

The following are neon makeup looks you can wear year-round and still look good!

neon makeup looks you can wear year rounf

Source: Style Canada

Acid Green Eyeshadow

When it comes to trending neon makeup looks, acid green eyeshadow is by far the most popular choice. You can put as little, or as much as you wish and make a bold statement either way. It can even be used to accent or highlight other colors.

Darker Shade For Winter Moods

Are you looking for a neat way to incorporate neon makeup into your winter mom outfits? Dark shaded eyeshadow is a great choice for any season, but works wonderfully in cold seasons. It contrasts with fall colors of orange and browns. For warm weather months, simply add a dash of blue or green accent.

Brighten Up Your Day

Another popular Instagram trend is the rainbow neon makeup looks. It works with both pastel and bright neon palettes. Simply combine your favorite neon colors with darker shades to get a season-friendly look.

neon makeup looks you can wear year round

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Energizing Transition Colors

If you’re looking for a way to make your makeup pop, introduce some energizing transition colors. By doing this subtle method, it really changes the overall appearance.

Highlight Those Eyes

If you want to make your eyes appear larger, simply use a darker eyeshadow, then put a dash of neon in the center of each eyelid to accentuate them. This will look great and you’ll stand out too!

The Dark Smokey Eye

Give yourself that seductive gaze look by applying a dark smokey eye, and some bright colored eyeliner. Who said neon makeup looks were all about the eyeshadow?

Neon Green & Gold Shimmer

Use your neon eyeshadow palette to bring a new look to the classic gold glam. Using neon green – or your favorite neon color – do your neon makeup look and add some gold shimmer over it to make it stand out.

Neon Smokey Eye

blue neon smokey eye trend

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Tired of the classic smokey eye look? Give it a boost by adding some neon to the lower lash line. This brings a new, more modern twist on an older style.

Spice Things Up with Neon Accents

Another way to use neon makeup is simply to accent your usual look. With this method, simply put a little neon color on the inner corners of each eye, this creates the accent any neutral makeup style. This technique can be good for sleepy days as it helps you look more awake too!

5 Popular Neon Makeup Products

Hydra FX – Suva Beauty

This smudge and transfer proof cake liner from Hydra FX is great. You just activate it with water and the opaque formula brings out the best neon for your look. There are several shades that you can pick from and the bonus point is that it is great for those black light parties as it glows under the black light.

neon eye trend suva beauty liner FX

Source: Suva Beauty

Mint To Be Shadow Palette – Colourpop

The affordable products by Colourpop allows you to try new makeup trends without breaking the bank. Try the lilac, peach, or mint pastel eyeshadow palettes for a lighter, subtle touch.


neon makeup looks eyeshadow pallette colourpop

Source: Colourpop

Where The Mangoes Palette, – Mitchell

Mitchell Halliday is a well-known British makeup artist that uploads creative, bold neon makeup looks on Instagram. His beauty line is just as dashing, including his eyeshadow palette options. Expand your looks with Where the Mangoes Palette!

Pastel Palette – Natasha Denona

If you want an easy to blend, high quality pigment then Natasha Denona palettes are a great choice. They have metallics, mattes and the new Pastel Palette has a multi-chrome formula that lets you wear it as a top coat or on its own to give you an amped up look.

Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 6 For Face And Body – Anastasia Beverly Hills

If you are looking for bold pigments to complete your look, then the Norvina Pro Palletes are perfect. They allow you to start with a soft color and move out to a bold choice based on how much is applied.


neon makeup looks eyeshadow palette you can wear year round

Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

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