7 Comfy Ready-To-Wear Looks That We’ll Be Rocking Off The Runway This Spring

This year’s Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collections were all about invention. With resources drying up for luxury houses, designers were left to come up with new plans for things like leftover fabrics and overstocked items.

Ironically, the consequences of COVID-19 made the promise of a new season’s wares more exciting; the prospect of seeing ingenuity on the runway had us on our toes. What could be created out of such impossible circumstances?

Though the time-tested fashion calendar has yet to be completely abandoned by big brands, one of the most refreshing parts about the industry’s circumstances is that they’ve forced people to invent again.

That said, much of the clothing, shoes and accessories that have come off the runways are tailored to stay-at-home situations – slippers have replaced heels and trousers have been swapped for mom jeans.

To say that we’re grateful for the practical, everyday wardrobe items is an understatement, and we couldn’t be more excited to step out into the fresh air while sporting these cozy trends.

Welcome, warm weather. We’re so happy you’re here. 

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