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Shop the Block: Behind the Brands – Sarah Higgins, Founder of The Cedar Nook


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Source: The Cedar Nook

This year, we’ve partnered up with Destination TO to bring their holiday activation to life. We are running our pop-up, Shop the Block, at Stackt Market, in the heart of Toronto. “We’re so excited to be popping up this holiday season in our Toronto! We’ve curated a diverse assortment of brands from different neighbourhoods of Toronto. From home decor to holiday gifts to the newest in fashion, beauty, and jewelry we have something for the locals and tourists alike!” says Editor-in-Chief of STYLE Canada, Elise Gasbarrino.

Shop the Block will feature goods from local Toronto businesses. Our Shop the Block: Behind the Brands series will take a deeper look at the founders of our participating vendors and their stories. This article features The Cedar Nook with

Sarah Higgins; Founder of The Cedar Nook


Instagram: @the.cedar.nook

sarah higgins founder of the cedar nook

Source: The Cedar Nook

SC: Tell us a bit about yourself!

SH: Hello! I’m Sarah, the founder of The Cedar Nook. I am a West Coast girl, living in Ontario. I make natural skin care products that are infused with the power of botanicals and plant matter that I forage from my adventures in the forest.

When I’m not wandering the woods, or mixing up offerings, I am an actor! The theatre was my first love, and it’s adventures and community is what pulled me to this beautiful part of the country.

the cedar nook behind the brand

Source: The Cedar Nook

SC: Tell us the story behind your brand! 

SH: Two passions of mine became intrinsically linked last year and I can’t look back: Herbalism and Skincare
I have always been drawn to the power of plants, and finding ways to connect with them. As a kid growing up in Northern BC, blackberries from the forest and wild mint leaves were a staple summer snack!
 When I began studying herbalism, I started to notice that most of the plants I was learning about where all around me. How lucky are we to live in Canada?! So the idea that I could sustainably forage bio-regional plants and benefit from their healing properties became very important to me.
I have been making my own natural skincare for over a decade now, just for myself and friends and family. Dabbling in different oils and butters. And I’m a sucker for a woodsy essential oil. But learning about all of the skin benefits and healing properties these plants around us have to offer, I realized I could amalgamate the two. So I took the plunge and began studying organic skincare formulating. I re-formulated my products, allowing the plants to lead the way, and here we are!
I am a BC girl at heart, but have lived in Ontario for the past 15 years and fallen so deeply in love. My goal was for the company to represent the love of the two different bio-regional forests I spend so much time in.
Also, I think it’s such a great way to be able teach people about the power of plants!

Source: The Cedar Nook

SC: What inspires you?

SH: Constant learning. I find hope in educating ourselves. It’s the only way we can protect our planet’s future.

Source: The Cedar Nook

SC: What does 2022 hold for you?

SH: A re-fill program is in the works, hoping to reduce our footprint.
We are also adding some new exciting products to the line in the next couple of months, so stay tuned! Think fresh spring roots + berries for dry and tired winter skin.
And plant walks! I would love to take people out to the forest with me and share my love of plants. To share the knowledge of sustainable foraging and hopefully get them excited about re-connecting, so they can see where their products truly come from.
The cedar-nook-behind-the-brands-sarah-higgins

Source: The Cedar Nook

SC: And lastly, where’s your favourite spot to vacation?

SH: I could spend my entire life just exploring our beautiful country and be happy with that. My favourite place to be is in the woods, a couple of days into a backcountry trip. That’s where it all goes quiet and still for me. These days, I’ve really been enjoying exploring Georgian Bay by canoe.
Find The Cedar Nook at our pop-up happening at Stackt Market in Toronto, at 28 Bathurst Street Unit 5-108! We are open Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm from November 29th to December 11th! For more information, visit

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