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Alessia Scauzillo is a content creator and entrepreneur who’s on a mission to empower women through inclusive, self love promoting movement. After discovering the power of daily movement & fitness as self care through personal experience, she knew that an supportive, body neutral forum for fitness was something SO many women could benefit from. So, when Alessia saw a gap in the industry, with most fitness class providers focusing on hasty body changes and rigid workout schedules, she took a risk and left her corporate job to fill the industry’s gap and pursue her passion.

A Sculpt Body is Alessia’s digital workout class service providing simple and effective, no equipment needed, low impact workouts that center balance and whole body wellness over rapid transformations and aesthetics based goals. Her approach is all about focusing on what you can add in, rather than take away to feel healthier, happier and all around better.

A Sculpt Body has been wildly successful! Alessia has brought together thousands of women to connect to and strengthen their bodies, while spreading a message of balance on her social media platforms. She’s advocated for normalizing normal bodies through showing her own body; unfilitered and without posing, and inspiring others to do the same, she’s been featured on breakfast television (more than once!) and held in person classes to provide a space for IRL connection between the A Sculpt Body community.

One low impact move at a time, Alessia is making the fitness industry a more inclusive & supportive community! 

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