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Yasmeen is the trans program coordinator for Trans People of Colour project (TPOC) at The 519 community organization and a research coordinator for Trans Women HIV Research Initiative (TWI RI) Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. She has worked over the past 15 years with Tran’s intersectional communities, and service providers to create, reduce, and allow access for Trans folks to Social Services across the Province of Ontario.

Images courtesy of Timelapse Films | Bar designs by Gosia Komorski

Yasmeen has been selected as one of five highlighted women in Hershey Canada’s #HERFORSHE campaign with the goal of making more women visible and spotlighting the communities they serve. The campaign features limited-edition, not-for-sale chocolate bar designs by Toronto artist Gosia Komorski that celebrate women’s stories—including Yasmeen’s—as well as a partnership with Girl Up.

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