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Have you been pondering the idea of what to do on a sunny summer day? Why not reap the benefits of breathing fresh air while absorbing vitamin D and calcium from the sun, all while sitting on a picnic blanket. Below are a few items that we believe are picnic necessities! Scroll below and shop the links in order to get your own summer picnic essentials!

1. Muffin Tins 

This muffin tray can be used in a few ways! Use it to bake delicious muffins in, and take them with you to enjoy on your picnic or use it as a handy tray! A Picnic hack: Perfect for placing cups in on uneven floor surfaces. Keep your drinks up right to avoid pesky spills.

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2. Plates 

These silicone plates with dividers, adds variety and uniqueness to your everyday plates. Designed to protect food from falling on your picnic blanket, lap and clothes.

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3. Disposable Cameras

A fun, blast from the past surely to create unforgettable highlights. The camera comfortably fits in the palm of your hands to capture memories instantly. Do not stress about adjusting the lighting either as the exposure has an auto feature! Strike a pose!

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4. Picnic Blankets 

Searching for the perfect picnic blanket? The Outdoor Picnic Blanket Tote is not only cozy, but it is portable too! With a soft fleece topside and a water-resistant underside that packs compactly into a carry tote.

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5. A Paint Kit

An exciting way to enjoy your time relaxing on a picnic blanket is with your food and beverage of choice paired with painting! Try the Whimsical wooden laser cut shapes that encourage fun and creativity!

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6. A Picnic Basket 

A palm leaf picnic trunk with a shoulder strap adds a charming aesthetic to your nature outings and picnics. A touch of boho fashion to combine the useful with the pleasant.

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