Tapping Into Your Own Intuition with Lynn Nicholls


On this week’s Let’s Talk About… episode, Elise sits down with Lynn Nicholls.

Leah Nicholls is a highly sought-after intuition expert, psychic medium and speaker based in Niagara falls, Ontario with clients from around the world, her accurate insights, and down-to-earth personality. Lynn is able to show her clients how to use their intuition, to find their purpose and happiness and connect. On the other side in a one-on-one private meeting, she provides useful insights into health, career relationships, life path, and so much more.

Elise and Lynn journey into this field, stories as an Intuition Expert and Psychic Medium and how to tap into our own intuition to find our purpose and happiness.

“There’s more than one soulmate. You have soulmates that are here to love you. You have soulmates here that are to be your best friend. You have soulmates here that are to be your worst enemy and teach you the best lessons you will ever learn. So even though soulmate is thought of in a romantic sense, because the word ‘mate’, it actually spans all types of lessons learned.” Leah tells Elise on Let’s Talk About.

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Check out the show transcript below.

[00:00:00] Elise: Hi friends and welcome on this week’s episode, we’re going to dive into the realm of psychic ability and intuition with Lynn Nicholls. Lynn is a highly sought-after intuition expert, psychic medium, and speaker based in Niagara falls, Ontario with clients from around the world, her accurate insights and down-to-earth personality keep clients coming. With tons of testimonials, Lynn is able to show her clients how to use their intuition, to find their purpose and happiness and connect. With the other side in one-on-one private meeting, she provides useful insights into health, career relationships, life path, and so much more. Lynn, thank you so much for joining us today.

[00:00:38] Lynn: Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to chat about this; my favorite topic. 

[00:00:43] Elise: Oh, good. Well, I’m so excited to have you, cause obviously I’ve been to you before. And when I told friends and family, I was talking you today, they thought it was for personal reading and they got all jealous and excited.

Wait list is so long, but I’m like, no, it’s just for the podcast, but maybe she’ll slip in something. I’ll let you know if she does. 

[00:01:02] Lynn: I was gonna say, if anything pops up as we’re talking. 

[00:01:06] Elise: Sure by all means. Let me know, but you obviously have quite the reputation, um, in Niagara and constantly are selling out events, et cetera.

And so I’m so excited to have you on the podcast, you know, to have some people outside of the region, get to know a little bit more about what you do and also today to, I think that there’s. I was just listening to another podcast the other day on a little bit more about burnout and how we’re all just trying to like figure out, you know, what does our life look like now?

Right. PO hopefully post pandemic. And I think that whole idea of tapping into your intuition, finding your purpose and happiness is a topic that is gonna relate to really everyone right now. Right. I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of clients that are, that are kind of trying to dive into that and figure that.

[00:01:54] Lynn: Yeah, they’re just, they’re just done. They are done. They’re like you said, they’re exhausted and they don’t, they’re feeling stagnant and they don’t know what to do next. Yeah. They, they have absolutely no clue. And I honestly, I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, but I can certainly provide them with them.

But people can do that for themselves very easily. It’s um, I shouldn’t say very easily, cuz everybody’s like, this is too hard. and I get it. It’s you’re burned out. You, you just wanna move forward. And what I’ve been finding is people wanna go from. The bottom step to the first floor instantly, right? When it’s step by step.

So what I tell people to do, because when we talk about intuition, I am very low on the woo scale. I’m not all like this is my office. You don’t see a bunch of crystals and gems and stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. mm-hmm mm-hmm. We all have the gut instinct. We all have the answers within us.

So if there’s, when there’s a moment of calm, when you’re driving from a to B and you don’t know how you got from a to B, that kind of space in your mind, just slot in, what do I need to know? Or what do I need to do next? Just one small, simple step and let whatever come in. Come. and it could be the, the strangest thing, but within a few hours or a few days, it makes entire sense.

And when the proverbial universe sees that you’re making a step forward, just that small step, another step will open up mm-hmm and if you don’t get an answer, what I do say to people. Do just one little thing, one little thing that makes you happy that you actually totally enjoy it could be petting your dog.

If you just totally enjoy that, it could be doing the dishes. If you’re some kind of weirdo and you like, whatever it feels makes you feel like you have a little bit of purpose and brings you joy, do that. And then you will get more to lead you to your purpose and your HAPPI. That’s 

[00:04:15] Elise: very true. And I, I re like, I think back to I went on this, I just went on a long walk yesterday.

Um, cuz I had a decision to make about something and I, I just asked the universe like just give me a sign that I’m on the right path. And so a co like I think birds are obviously like, and we could talk about symbols that are attached to the other side, but a red Cardinal came in my path and then I went to sit on this bench.

Barry wand was on the bench and I’m like, okay, these feel like signs that I’m like going in the right direction. And sometimes that’s all you need. Right? Just a little. Yes, keep going. 

[00:04:51] Lynn: exactly. And I think being so exhausted and being so stagnant, we miss the little tiny things. Mm-hmm that you know, that you happen to notice mm-hmm so you, you very intuitively did the right thing.

You just went for a walk, you did something that you enjoy and you did something to calm your mind and. Asked your questions. So you already know what to do. 

[00:05:14] Elise: well, I don’t know about that, but, but let’s get, let’s take a couple steps back. How did you, cause I’ve known you for a few years, but I, I was saying before I started, I don’t think I actually know how you got into this.

So I would love to hear a little bit about your journey and just what brought you here today. 

[00:05:30] Lynn: Pardon me, of course. It’s it goes way back. I mean, I was that kid that had the vivid imagination. Oh, that’s just your imagination. That’s just your imagination. So you learn to poo poo it and put it on the back burner, whatever you saw, whatever you heard.

And it wasn’t spooky by any means. It’s just, oh, I see something that nobody else is seeing. And you kind of look around, nobody’s looking so you just start to doubt your own thought. So at about 12 years old. So this is me and I’m dating myself, but in the eighties and the Exorcist had just come out. Okay.

Yeah. And I’m, I’m laying there. My bed starts shaking and the closet doors are shaking. Like literally shaking. And I would’ve, I checked for my dog under my bed. Nope. Dog’s not there. My sister actually at woke her up, we shared a room and she said, could you please stop that? Like she thought I was jumping or something.

Okay. Yeah. 

[00:06:24] Elise: So other people heard. 

[00:06:26] Lynn: Yes. Yes. So I, I wasn’t losing my mind and it happened for three days. On the third day, I finally said, like, I’m thinking my head’s gonna spin around. I’m gonna shoot P soup out my mouth anytime now. So I was like, how do I get this to stop? And a little boy a see through little boy, I still remember his brown cruelly hair walked up to my bed and he.

My daddy killed us all. And then he killed himself. Can you help us get there? And I, I didn’t see where there was. I’m assuming it was the light or heaven or whatever you choose to call it. And I, I said I’m 12 . I don’t know. And he, I, I will show you and. I, it was basically at the very, if we stripped down all the bells and whistles, it was just having a conversation with each of them and telling them how to get there.

And the dad was the hardest to cross over. He was quite an ornery spirit. And then a, if everything calmed down and a few days later, he came back, his name was Leo. I forgot to mention that. And he, he said, I know you have an. And I have a gift for you and I’m, I’m a kid in the eighties. So I’m thinking it’s an Atari or a Nintendo and Nope.

So it was the ability to do this at a, at a higher level, at a more accurate level. And, you know, things just started happening and knew they were going to happen. But again, You’re you’re using your imagination being brought up in a pretty strict Catholic family. We don’t do that. And then I discovered boys, you know, and then you do the right thing and go to school.

And I was a teacher and for about 15 years, until the government changed, my job got cut. And 2005 was, was my personal 2020. and my uncle died, my grandmother died, my best friend died and my mother died and then I lost my job. Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah. So I said, well, what am I gonna do? Oh, okay. Maybe I’ll just go back to supply teaching, I guess.

But I really love doing, I didn’t do readings. I only did them for friends. I said, I’ll just try this. And within three months I didn’t have to go back to teaching. And that was in 2000 and. 

[00:08:53] Elise: Wow. Yeah. And so, and so you had just kind of obviously leaned into this a little bit. You said doing it for family and friends.

Yeah. But as that 12 year old, did you tell anybody about that experience? Like, was there someone that helped. Got like helped you navigate that at 

[00:09:10] Lynn: all or no, no, no, no, no, no. Cause, um, there, there’s no way it’s it. I would get back to it’s your imagination. Don’t be stupid. Mm-hmm all those kinds of things.

So I did it myself with the help of little Mr. Leo and, and what was funny was it wasn’t until a few years ago? My, my cousins lived right next door to us and I had mentioned about Leo online. And she messaged me right away. And she said, Lynn, I’ve never told anybody this, but I used to see a little boy in that area.

And he told me his name was Leo. Oh 

[00:09:45] Elise: my God. I just got like shivers because don’t, and if I’m wrong here, but isn’t it often true that like a, like if you have a psychic ability, somewhat like your family, like maybe your grandma did or so maybe your cousin did, is that, is that fair to say or not always the.

[00:10:03] Lynn: Not always the case. It’s okay. Everybody has the ability, but some people are naturally better at it than others. Just like I could take singing lessons forever and I would never be able to sing. I am just not built for it. You will hear things like fourth generation psychic or sixth generation medium.

No big deal. I’m sorry. Okay. Big, big deal. It it, how much effort have you yourself put into practicing it, developing it and being a good person so that you attract the right things in your life to make you better at being a medium. Mm. Okay. 

[00:10:38] Elise: So what would be, so we know that we all have this kind of inside of us.

What are the things to do to, to master this skill, I guess, is it, you meant, we talked about like taking some time going for a walk. Are those the kind of things you did or how did you get to this point of, of really, you know, the level 

[00:10:57] Lynn: that you’re at? Oh, that that’s, it’s, that’s a great question. And it depends on your abilities.

So. We, we can all do it. You think where, you, you just immediately like somebody or you don’t like somebody, or you wanna go this way and you go that way. And then that way, the other way had an accident. So it’s, it’s listening to that subtle fleeting whisper in your mind. And it’s so quick, we miss it half the time. So some people can visualize more. Some people are more auditory. Some people just know things, but they don’t know how they know things. So what are you good at do, are you the one that’s going? The lights are too bright or I wanna go look at. You’re more clairvoyant or if you’re the one saying, turn the TV down, or you really like listening to like music sues you, you’re more clear audience.

There’s lots of other things like clear smelling where you smell grandpa’s pipe smoke and all that. So, 

[00:12:02] Elise: okay. I didn’t realize that. So it’s kind of based on all the different senses, what. Okay. 

[00:12:07] Lynn: Yeah. Yeah. So it’s just, you take your, your normal five human senses and you extend them beyond. And in the beginning, it, it seems really daunting, but it’s as simple as.

Show me what I need to do, show me what I need to know or tell me what I need to know or tell me what I need to do. And if you need somewhere to start, you can, of course you can get like cards or like angel cards or something, but your intuition, intuition is inside of you. It will not sound like a voice outside your head.

That would be a ghost. So we’re not gonna deal with ghosts. We’re gonna do it. With your intuition. So say you have, uh, an event coming up tomorrow and you want to know if there’s anything you need to know about it. The first thing you need to do when you get in touch with your intuition is to not be emotional about it at all and not be attached to the outcome.

So no wishful thinking allowed. So how is the event going to go tomorrow? Fabulous. Okay. Okay. Good. And, or. How’s the event going to go tomorrow? Cucumber, what? Cucumber . Okay. Accept it. Just accept whatever comes. Unless you just cut a cucumber. That means you haven’t gotten out of your thinking mind and then you get to the event tomorrow and somebody spills cucumbers all over.


[00:13:37] Elise: Okay. Interesting. So it’s really like number one. Seeing what you are most sensitive to in terms of your senses, I guess, or most in tune to, in your senses. And then asking the question in the first initial, um, kind of thing that comes to you. I’d love for you to talk a little bit more because I think what a lot of us, and maybe it’s just me, but I, I think people that I talk to find hard about intuition is you mentioned separating the emotion from things mm-hmm is there ways that we.

Do that. How, like does it just take time to not feel emotional about something? And then you ask the question, like what’s the work around there? What’s that, 

[00:14:18] Lynn: that’s the tricky part between that, between detaching from it and trusting it. Those are the two faith, two things that are hardest to deal with. So you have to convince yourself you don’t care.

Okay. So, and it’s, I mean, it’s really hard. That’s why I’m not great at reading my own family, my own friends, because I care and I want the best for. So it has to, you have to bring on the feeling that it means nothing to you. And even if you have to feel out loud, say it doesn’t matter what happens here because your, your brain, you can trick your brain.

Your subconscious mind can trick your brain into being happy to being sad, anything. So you want to say it as plainly, as you would order a pizza. I always use that analogy because of course you want the, you want the pizza. Yeah. But you don’t care about it. You’re not gonna call on it. You know, did you put the pepperoni on, hang up, call back.

Did you put the cheese on, you know, so caring is hard in whatever way is easiest for you to detach from it is best, but it depends on the person and depends on the situation. But at the very BA it does take practice, but at the very. It doesn’t matter how this ends, because I know it will end in my, if I listen to my intuition, it’s going to end in the best way.

Mm-hmm . So when you give it up to the universe, a lot of times you relax a little and you’re like, okay, I can ask the question. 

[00:15:51] Elise: It’s I remember reading something and about how we can make our brain believe something essentially, or feel a certain way. Yeah. So it’s interesting that you kind of tap into that to get rid of the emotion.

[00:16:06] Lynn: Yeah, I love the psychology. If, if I didn’t do this, I’d be a psychologist or something like along those lines, because the way the brain works is fascinating. You, it doesn’t know, it doesn’t know what reality is versus what’s going on inside of it. So that’s why meditation works. You convince yourself, you know, you convinced yourself that you’re on a beach somewhere and your brain changes.

Its its brain its pattern. 

[00:16:32] Elise: It’s it’s. Yeah, I agree with you. I feel like if I wasn’t doing what I was doing, I always thought that we probably only know, I don’t know what the sta is, but I’m sure we probably only know about 10% of what our brain can do, right? Yeah. Like, so that’s always been fascinating to me as well.

Oh. So we know how we know how you’ve kind of gotten into this. We know how we can sort of tap into it a little bit. Is there, um, you mentioned kind of like when you, this happened to you when you were younger, so are there things that we can, if we have, you know, smaller children around us, is there ways to like nurture this.

For, is there personality traits that they might have that we could kind of be like, oh, that, you know, that could lead to kind of psychic ability or anything like that. Is there things to look out for? 

[00:17:21] Lynn: I think the at the very basic level is, I mean, I can’t talk to anybody’s parenting style. I can’t teach parenting, but I would say, let, let your child express what they’re feeling like.

Don’t poo poo, anything they see or hear if they say, oh, there’s a lady there. Oh, what does she look like? Don’t say, oh, that’s stupid. Like, what does she look like? You don’t want to, society will say, you know, oh gosh, your child’s schizophrenic or something, but encourage it without leading it. Okay. So it’s just like, oh, tell me more.

Oh, what does she look like? and so you’re tapping into the senses. What does she look like? Is she saying anything? Does she smell like any perfume? Cuz a lot of times grandmas come in smelling like Chantilly or Estee Lauder or something yeah. Yeah. And so you can ask very simple questions, but again, without leading them without any emotion, because kids from birth to till society gets a hold of them are very intuitive.

And they’ll say they’ll point people out in photo albums and say, oh, he was in my room last night. And you now, now granted kids are exposed to a lot of television, a lot of social media, hopefully not at three, but you have to discount what they may have seen. Okay. So, um, right. Or, or they may have heard cuz those little stinkers are listening to conversations we don’t even know about.

Right. Yeah. Fair 

[00:18:54] Elise: enough. Fair enough. Well, and you mentioned too, you know, as we grow there’s I guess like societal pressures put on us, et cetera. Um, do you. Feel though, like people are more open now to, to the idea of psychic abilities, intuition. Like I remember there was a, I think go had a Netflix episode on their series about like tapping into your psychic ability and intuition.

Do you feel like there’s more openness to that now in society? Cause it seems like from my stand. I’m gonna have to check 

[00:19:28] Lynn: that out. Yes. Yeah. Um, I think now it’s become more mainstream with John Edward, Theresa Caputo, James van Prague, John Holland. Right? All the big ones are coming out without all that.

Woo. And, and I don’t wanna say weirdness cuz that’s judgey, but just saying, Hey, this is what we can do. It’s like the other side is right on the other side of that door and all, you just have to listen a little hard. So, or listen, or look a little more clearer and you’ll see them. So it’s more, I do believe it’s more mainstream.

I do believe people are accepting it more, but however, I do encourage people to be skeptical, to not believe everything. Someone tells them because if someone comes to see me looking to say, get in touch with their mom, Of course I could say, oh, your mom loves you. Well, you’re damn right. My mother better love me.

right. So yeah. Yeah. You want, you want information that’s meaningful and specific. You want your mom to either bring up a memory, a very, very specific memory. Like, oh, remember the bike ride you took in the park and you lost your red shoe. So things like that. You want very specific stuff like that.

Otherwise, I, I would just walk. The door, but yes, it’s more mainstream, but please everybody be careful who you see and trust word of mouth and ask your friend if that psychic or psychic medium or medium, whoever you saw gave you meaningful and specific informa information. Okay. And 

[00:21:04] Elise: can you, can you maybe take us through, because I know we started kind of talking intuition.

But then there’s, I mean, there’s many different ways to have, right? Like there’s intuition, there’s psychic, you mentioned TA card readers. Like what are all the different, I guess, segments of this and does it is psychic like the top of the pyramid? Like what you get or are they all kind of totally different in what they accomplish?

[00:21:28] Lynn: They’re all, they’re all very different. Okay. But they all take bits and pieces of each other. We’re all intuitive. We all have that inner GPS, that inner navigation system that, uh, we need a lot of us need to get rein acquainted with and get in touch with that’s your intuition. It’s in. Side of you. So that’s your intuition being psychic is being able to not see the future.

Exactly. Because the future is not set in stone. Nothing is guaranteed. Everybody has different options. And if you pick option a these options open up, if you pick option B. These options open up. It’s like a choose your own adventure. Mm-hmm mm-hmm so a psychic, a good one can give you options and find out what your best potential is.

Like, you know, you’re really good at X, Y, Z, but you haven’t done it. Oh my goodness. You’re right. I’ve I’ve lost touch with that. Then a medium can connect you to the other side, can communicate with, from, with the other side, whether they see them, hear them, whatever their skill is. So all mediums are not psychic, but most are.

All psychics are not mediums. Okay. And then there’s taro card readers who, and depending on their skill level, some will just read the meanings of the cards to you. But I like to use card. I don’t use cards anymore, but I use cards or rooms or whatever type of. Divination tool. There is as a jumping off point for your intuition.

So if people have angel cards, of course, shuffle, pull a card, read it, then say, what does this mean for me? And then let your intuition kick in and take it to another level. Always elevate it. You always want more without being greedy, but you want more. So there, yes, there’s totally different kinds. I don’t think it’s shaped as a pyramid per se.

It’s more linear where you can pick and choose. Everybody’s got different. 

[00:23:32] Elise: Because you, I mean, you’ve been the person I’ve probably gone to the most and I feel like you provide both that psychic side and the medium side mm-hmm right. To both sides of things. So let’s talk a little bit about, um, I guess the medium side and in connecting with the other side, there’s been, I forget the book that I read.

I wanna say her does Laura Lynn brown, is that a psych. That has a, I have to look up the book, but there’s, there’s something that I read that was all kind of about signs from the other side. So I’d love for you to tell us a little bit about how you connect from the, with the other side, how we can kind of connect with a loved one on the other side and what that looks like.

Of course 

[00:24:11] Lynn: it it’s, it’s a different kind of skill first. It’s not, it’s not, I see dead people. They don’t look like the movie. Um, they’re not gonna come in and move things. They might flick your lights though, which is kind of fun, but this, they will come in. If you allow them, if you talk to your loved ones on the other side and just acknowledge that they’re there, they’re more likely to, to visit with you.

So what I say is, again, no emotion detached. I know. Cause if you’re going, mom, please, please, please. They can’t communicate through all that emotion. They really can’t. So I love to do it if I’m driving somewhere. Um, and I’m the only one in the car and I’ll put my mom in the passenger seat or if I oh, no.

Or if I’m sitting in, in the house alone, which isn’t, which isn’t often enough, but my mom beside me at the table and start off with your imagination. Hey mom, just make a script. Hi Lynn. What are you doing? Oh, just sitting here with you, make the things up and then slide in a question or a thing that you would not have the answer to.

So tell me what’s gonna happen. Well, they’re not very psychic. Tell me what’s happening with my brother or tell me what’s happening with such and such. Cause they can’t, they’re not psychic per se, but they can get information. So have that conversation. Hmm, then validate that conversation. So what I mean by that is mom do something.

By the time I go to sleep tonight to let me know this conversation happened. And at one time I was on my way to Toronto and I was driving over the Burlington Skyway. And I was talking to my mom, of course, cuz I’m not very fond of highway driving or bridges . And I said, let me know, this conversation actually happened.

And she. Big black blankets. She smiled and she left. I went, what the heck was that? What are you talking about? Because I wanted something in the next five minutes and I’m I was gonna be on the highway. Mm-hmm sure enough. I round this big corner about five kilometers away and there’s, um, a building being constructed and it’s covered in big black tart.

Oh, gosh. Oh, wow. And it’s not cuz I’m I too highly intuitive. It’s because I listened and I let the weirdest thing come up. Mm-hmm mm-hmm start with a, a fabricated conversation. Have a question ready or have an open ended. Tell me how you’re doing or tell me about, so and so have that ready just to slip.

Okay. You don’t wanna think too much. Okay. 

[00:26:56] Elise: That’s fine when you’re no, that’s, that’s great. I love that. I’m gonna definitely use that. So when you’re, when you’re having this conversation with your mom, it’s not, like you mentioned, you’re not like physically seeing here her it’s that energy. I’m guessing that you’re.

So can you talk a little bit about when we pass. That idea that our does our energy stay with, with the ones we love. Like what does that, or is the energy around, what does that look like? Or not maybe look, not visually look like, but what does that, what is that? , 

[00:27:29] Lynn: it’s more of a, what does it feel like?

Right, right. Yeah. It still feels like moms right there. It’s almost like if you turned away from the door and. Even had your earphones on you would, you would know somebody was coming in the room, just cuz think you feel like somebody’s in the room or that feeling somebody’s watching you kind of thing.

Mm-hmm mm-hmm so of course, when you cross over that body’s gone. It’s like, if I took this jacket off, I don’t need it anymore. Do. I don’t know, burn it, bury. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you believed in at the time. And the energy is just, it’s so hard to describe. And I’ve only been shown the other side two or three times in the many years I’ve done this, but it’s all feeling.

So for ex, I remember the one time I was doing it, I was sitting by my white desk here. I could feel the desk. In me, like, I could feel the, the coolness of it. I could feel the white, you could feel colors. Hmm. So it’s, it’s very peculiar in, in a good way. It’s all about feeling. They feel very light and they feel.

Very loving. Even some of the people that were absolute jerks in life were like, man, I was a jerk and personality stays, personality stays, but they realize what they did wrong. What’s what’s interesting when I do it and maybe a lot of mediums do it the same way. Because I’m human for them to make it more like, easier to communicate.

They appear to me in my mind’s eye, not front, cuz I have to change my pants. They appear to me. In human form at the age that they loved and it’s usually in their twenties. 

[00:29:16] Elise: Okay. I remember you saying that about one time you were telling me about my grandparents and that yeah. It’s the age that they, that they most love.

So that’s a, no, I love, I love the idea of that. And you can, I mean, I’ve had that experience before where you feel someone’s energy around you. Absolutely. Yeah. And I know you’ve, you’ve talked to me too before about like the angels that can be around you, which. Which the angels that you told me were around me at one point weren’t like necessarily some of them were my grandparents, but it weren’t, wasn’t always your grandparents.

So how does it get decided? Like who are the people that are guiding you? Cause you had said to me, someone like that was just kind of random, I guess, in a way. But I, I, it made sense also if that makes any sense without getting too specific, but. 

[00:30:05] Lynn: So, so to clarify, and not that you said anything wrong, cause we always think grandma’s our guardian angel or dad is, but angels have actually never been human, so okay.

It’s just grandma. Okay. It’s just crazy uncle Joel, you know? Okay. So they’re still who they were. Angels have never been human spirit guides have not been with you in this life. Okay. They they’re from another life and they didn’t incarnate with you here, so. Okay. 

[00:30:31] Elise: So spirit guides, maybe what you were sorry I use, is it spirit guides maybe that you were talking about?


[00:30:36] Lynn: Well, if it was grandma, grandpa, it was plain old grandma 

[00:30:39] Elise: or grandpa, grandma. So basically those were they, if they were people that were in my life before they are, it’s still the same people.

Yeah. Um, but they’re, they. It was just interesting, who you said was kind of guiding. 

[00:30:53] Lynn: Because like, we have different skills here. When you cross over maybe uncle Joe is really good at finances, even though you never knew him. And you’re asking about your finances and I’ll say, oh, uncle Joe’s in charge of that.

And you’re like, what? I never, I barely talked to him. Yeah. But that’s his skill, so. Okay. And he, they are. Even though you didn’t see them much or, or spend a lot of time with them, their love for you because you’re connected is extraordinary and they all want you to do the absolute best with your life and be the, I hate to use the word happy.

I always find have the most purpose that will give you the most fulfillment you can, so, okay. They will assign wrong word, but assign the most qualified spirit to help you in that depart. 

[00:31:43] Elise: Okay. Interesting. Okay. So that makes sense then why to me, I think it was someone that you said was helping me lead my love life.

That was someone I, um, had known through my charity that passed away. And I, I thought that it was kind of random, but now in hindsight, what you’re saying is maybe she was really good at like playing a matchmaker or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Interesting. And then when we. Can we talk a little bit, cuz you kind of mentioned like a spirit guide maybe from a past life.

Can we talk a little bit about past lives and how they come into our, our current, uh, life I guess. Okay. And how that affects us? I, I 

[00:32:20] Lynn: love past lives. That’s like one of my favorite things. Okay. Okay. Cool. And, and I honestly, honestly I don’t believe in a lot of stuff. I really don’t but unless I see it work, I am pretty darn skeptical.

I know it sounds strange doing what I do. But when you see the evidence and something so, so specific, but PA some people believe in parallel lives. I do believe in past lives. So you, the essence of you, the energy that we spoke of earlier, that goes to the other side, when we pass carries on and eventually you become someone else.

So that means you have been someone else you’ve been many someone else’s mm-hmm . The other side is like summer break earth is like school . 

[00:33:11] Elise: So it feels like sometimes right. 

[00:33:13] Lynn: Sometimes is like, can I just graduate already? And. Um, so we come here to learn our lessons. And if you didn’t learn it in the last life, you’re gonna get it in this life.

And you generally reincarnate with a lot of the same people, your group of your spirit group, or whatever you want to call it over. There is not five or six people it’s hundreds. So what you don’t learn, you. Um, relearn very, very few of us. If any of us were Cleopatra or, you know, a, a queen or a prince, when you look at the past, a lot of us were just peasants and farmers and Knight and.

Pretty pretty low, uh, hard lives and up until say maybe even the mid 19th century and in some countries currently dying was pretty tragic. Like there was a lot of disease, there was lots of murder. There was a lot of those horrible things. So sometimes the way you passed can come out in your physical attributes.

If you always have a bad neck, maybe you were hung. In the last life. Okay. If you have a bad, a really, really bad knee for no reason, maybe you were, you know, sliced off at the knee and it sounds morbid, but like I said, people were being killed in horrible ways for so long mm-hmm , but there’s also good things.

You’re gonna run into people you knew in the last life that said, I will always check on. And you get them back and that feeling like, I feel like I’ve known you my whole life totally. 

[00:34:50] Elise: Or that closeness you might feel with person a versus person B. Yeah. For no reason. Yeah, 

[00:34:56] Lynn: and you just connect and they’ve been with you.

You could have been mother, daughter, brother, brother, grandfather, grandchild. You could have been all sorts of genders anywhere on earth. Some people say anywhere in the universe, you cannot have been a hamster, a cat, a dog. It’s a different. Okay. 

[00:35:18] Elise: Okay, so you were human and it’s, it’s interesting that you say that, cuz I think definitely.

And maybe actually this can go a little into the conversation about soulmates would a soulmate then be like, we refer to it as a romantic connection, but could a soulmate be like just someone whose soul you were attached with before? So a, so 

[00:35:36] Lynn: you have several soulmates. Okay. So there is the, the thought of only having one soulmate in a romantic sense on this entire planet is ridiculous.

You cannot, you know, one person, no, you have several. So, so folks don’t lose, lose hope. There are there’s more than one soulmate. . You have soulmates that are here to love you. You have soulmates here that are to be your best friend. You have soulmates here that are to be your worst enemy and teach you the best lessons you will ever learn.

So even though soulmate is thought of in a romantic sense, because the word mate it’s actually, it spans all types of lessons learned. Mm-hmm so if you’re looking, I always say my forever person, you know? Okay. That, that kind of thing. But there’s so many soulmates and you will feel that you’ll feel that connection with the, with them.

And or if there’s someone that just, you wanna just drill in the face, you know, , you’re just like, I am not a violent person, but I wanna punch that person in the throat. Then you go back into your intuition and say, why? Like, what have we been in the past? Okay. There’s lots of good books out there. Pick you do not need someone to do it for you.

There’s some great books out there and you go back while you’re relaxing and you figure out what the relationship was in the past. That’s most affecting you now, and you can heal it and it takes care of itself. It has a bit of a ripple effect in this. 

[00:37:12] Elise: I love that. Do you have the names of some of those books offhand that you would maybe recommend.


[00:37:17] Lynn: There’s a book called. Who were you by? I believe her name’s Gloria Chadwick. Ted Andrews writes a book called uncover your past lives. And Sylvia Brown’s past lives life book is really good. Okay. And. Regina cannon is actually of Toronto. And I don’t know if she’s written any current books, but she has a past life book.

I can’t for life of me recall it. Okay. But it’s blue and green on the outside and hers is really good too. 

[00:37:45] Elise: Okay. Now I wanna check that out for sure. Well, very interesting. I mean, and are you writing a book anytime soon? Cause I feel like, 

[00:37:53] Lynn: you know what, there’s so much in my Google docs right now. that.

Organize and writing for me, I would love to writing for me is a chore. Okay. Yeah. So you can’t sit still enough to read a book or write a book, but, but, um, uh, if I had to give a timeframe, I’d say maybe within the year. Okay. 

[00:38:16] Elise: And you have, um, I mean, where can we find you otherwise? Cuz I know I can see I’m also not a big writer in terms of like, I like to have more conversations, which is why I really enjoy this podcast, but where can I know you’re quite funny, I think anyway, on social media.

So where can we find you for those listening? 

[00:38:33] Lynn: So, um, you can find me at So, and it’s two LS and nickels and you can find me on Instagram @lynn_nicholls so very important. L Y N N one, underscore N I C H O L L S because I have a lot of imposters. You get 

[00:38:52] Elise: a lot of imposters? Yeah. 

[00:38:54] Lynn: Yes, because I think the way my name is, they can just put one L and nobody would notice. So at Lynn nickles on Instagram, on Facebook Lynn Nichols, dash intuition expert. You can find me around Niagara, probably at the grocery store. come up and say hi. And I, I, I don’t mind that at all. And, uh, there, we do have some upcoming shows.

One on May 17th sold out overnight, like we were talking about before. Yeah. And I have several shows almost booked for June smaller, more intimate events. So stay tuned on my social media for those, because they’ll sell out within an hour, cuz there’s maybe. 30 40 seats where I usually do 200, 500 seats. Oh, wow.

[00:39:38] Elise: Okay. Well, keep an eye out for that. That’s really exciting. Well, thank you so much for being here with us today. This is so fun. 

[00:39:43] Lynn: Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you for inviting me.

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