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Whether it’s for a client with high standards or simply for someone who wants to design their home themselves, people tend to opt for a themed look when styling a house. Some people choose the same theme throughout every room, for example, whereas other homeowners tend to prefer to add a different theme to each space. One look that is particularly popular is a Greek theme.

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After all, for many people, Greece is the perfect holiday destination, and the architecture in stunning locations like Santorini is an inspiration. Likewise, some people are inspired by Greece’s array of stunning beaches, while others have taken inspiration from popular movies like Mamma Mia! and Greek mythology-themed games like God of War or Age of the Gods: Ruler of Olympus slot. Essentially, however, a homeowner has got there, having a preference for a Greek theme is entirely understandable.

There are some easy ways you can successfully create a Greek look in your home, too. So, with that firmly in mind, let’s take a look at some tips on how to add a Greek theme to your home.

Olive trees

First and foremost, your home doesn’t always need renovation in order to add a touch of Greece to it. In fact, for some people, adding a few olive trees is enough. If that appeals to you, then snapping up a few of these lovely-looking trees that are strongly associated with the country is a sure-fire way of adding a sprinkling of Greece to a space. With Olives forming a large part of the Greek diet and the overall culture, an olive tree certainly fits, particularly as they represent all things Mediterranean.

Exposed walls

A rustic look is strongly associated with Greece and the general look and feel of the country. As such, exposing a brick wall is a fantastic thing to do. Some people opt for this particular choice in a garden area for the perfect summer spot, while others aim to create what is a warm and welcoming vibe in a kitchen space. Of course, a home ideally needs brick or stone walls for this tip to work, but it’s most definitely worth doing.

Olive oil

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In the same way the aforementioned olive trees can add a Greek look to a particular area, adding some olive oil to your home will almost certainly give it a taste of Greece. After all, olive oil is a key part of the Greek economy and is synonymous with Greek culture and their world-famous cuisine. Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you go and pour olive oil on your furniture here. Instead, simply add a few attractive-looking olive oil bottles to a kitchen space. Some people even add herbs and other ingredients to spruce up an olive oil’s look. Not only does this particular option work, but if you’re short on olive oil one day, you’ve got an array of bottles to choose from!

Blue and white 

Two colors that represent all things Greece adding a dash of blue and white to your chosen Greek space will go a long way. For example, some people purchase blue glass as it’s a prominent feature of many Greek designs. Likewise, a blue and white collection of pillows will enhance a sofa, while a table can be transformed with a blue and white tablecloth.

Other tips on how to add a Greek theme to your home include low tables, Greek key patterns, sheer fabrics, columns, damask fabrics, painted ceilings, volcanic rock, textured plaster, and murals.

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