#TrendingInLondon: Black Sandals

Sandals have been around for ages however, they are now being re-popularized by brands such as, Chanel and Dr. Martens.

Many used to associate sandals as a “comfy shoe” for children, or even their dads. This season, people of all ages have been seen wearing sandals- for every occasion!

Sandals come in a variety of colours, yet the classic black option seems to be the most popular among fashion bloggers.

Dad Sandals, Ankle-Strap Sandals  – whatever you call them, they are #TrendingInLondon in 2021!

How do you style black sandals? Show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #TrendingInCanada and #TrendingInLondon!

1. Perfect For A Stroll Around Town


2. Cute And Comfy! 


3. Mirror-Selfie Approved 


4. City-Chic 


5. Date Night Ready



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