Catching Up With Callen Schaub, The Montreal-Based Artist Named Instagram’s “Hidden Gem”

Ever heard of Callen Schaub? Instagram has. With over 650,000 followers on social media, Schaub was named the app’s “Hidden Gem” in 2019.

A Montreal-based abstract artist and creator from Toronto, Schaub has been a part of the art world for over a decade and is widely recognized for the trapezes, pendulums, and spinning machines he uses to create his vibrant paintings.

We had the opportunity to chat with Schaub while Toronto was still working toward Stage 3, and in this exclusive interview on STYLE Canada, he tells us more about his work and his focus on giving back to communities in need.

SC: Tell us about yourself.

CS: My name is Callen Schaub, I am a Montreal based abstract performance artist known for my social media influence, colourful palette, and my stand against cyberbullying. As an advocate for creating art with a positive mindset, I create in a non-traditional manner using various homemade devices. Bicycles, trapezes, and swinging buckets! When I’m not painting in the studio, you can find me unicycling up Mount Royale or on the roof of the studio meditating.

Photo: Schaub standing next to a painting called “Effusion”.

SC: Your process is exceptionally entertaining. Can you tell us more about it?

CS: My process is all about immersing myself in the present moment. Leaving behind expectations, provoking questions about what art really is.

SC: With the way that COVID has eaten up the better part of this year, how have you kept your creativity alive?

CS: It has been a difficult time for everyone and I think more than ever with social distancing, it’s a time to look inward and take the time to create from a personal place. I’ve seen many people take the opportunity to create home studios and workspaces so that they can create and inspire others.

Photo: Callen Schaub

SC: How has your inspiration changed over the years?

CS: In the past I created for my own mental wellness. Now, with my present platform, I hope to encourage others, making their voices louder through universal mental wellness.

SC: You’ve done an enormous amount of  fundraising for local initiatives. What prompted it?

CS: Throughout my career, I have been grateful to be involved with many charitable initiatives. I now use my voice to showcase and prompt action to join the global social awakening. The latest Open Heart community print and Effusion commemorative print sales came out of a conversation with my manager moments after the original Open Heart was created. That day, both of those originals sold and we knew we could successfully and thoughtfully activate the equity-charged projects we wanted to. Leading with love and generosity in all aspects of my art and business.

Photo: Callen Schaub

SC: We so enjoy your IG Lives! Where did the idea for them stem from?

CS: Going Live on IG is always exciting and has been a huge part of my process. I will be very busy creating new artwork and sharing the process and final outcome as I create. I will be doing a few featured Livestreams, but nothing regularly programmed for the month.

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