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In life we talk a lot about how important it is to follow your passion. Feeding that little fire inside of you. Leaving the world better then when you came into it. For me finding that passion came about in a not so conventional way.

At age 21 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and couldn’t find a lot of other support services for young women in my same position. It didn’t happen overnight, but Pink Pearl was born out of this personal need for support and a desire to help other women in a similar experience. This Friday we have our 10th Annual benefit, Black and White with a Touch a Pink. Ten years, crazy!

There is a value we have at Pink Pearl, “Everyone has a story, and cancer is only one chapter.” When I think of the past ten years, this can’t be truer. My experience was something that helped shape who I was, but in no way defines me and what the future looks like.

It doesn’t just have to be a cancer experience, but I’m sure all of us can pin point that hard chapter, the one we just had to make it through until we can get to the good stuff. I know it might not happen for everyone this way, but take a look at the bad that’s happening and think of how we can use gratitude and change it into the good. Who knows, maybe it will become your passion project.

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